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I've been tagged by lovely Liberty London Girl (she's UK Grazia's latest discovery, don't you know?) to reveal six unimportant things about myself. So here goes…

1. I have never had my ears pierced.
2. My pet lop-earred rabbit was called Oscar.
3. I have danced on stage with Belle and Sebastian.
4. I went to school in Idaho when I was thirteen.
5. I love watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs.
6. I hold my pen in a most unorthodox and downright ungainly manner.

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    I’ve never had pierced ears before either. No one ever believes me!

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    Thanks for the tagging, Birdy gal!

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    Pip – we be lobe virgins!

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    yes – you DO have the weirdest way of holding your pen! i’ve seen it! its kinda cute on you tho :)

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    Of course I’m playing. Just listed my nonsense… although, if you’re a lobe virgin, what does that make me?!

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    Also, what’s this business with LLG in Grazia? Is she in a latest issue? How exciting! xx

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    Ta for tag!?
    My number 1 is your number 6 – I thought I only had that affliction

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    Jess – that would make your lobes “experienced”.

    And yes, LLG was mentioned in UK Grazia a couple of weeks ago in the “What’s Up” section. Read all about it here: http://libertylondongirl.blogspot.com/2008/04/grazia-i-love-you.html