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Birdy pick of the week



"Flock" silkscreen prints, US$30, by Wayne Pate from Good Shape Design.
Thanks to Paintergirl for the tip!

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    They remind me of the wee birdies from the Partridge Family! (I’m showing my age)…

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    Petajane – me too! I love those birdies in the animation of the opening credits. xx

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    Oh nice – you should take look at http://www.deliciousindustries.blogspot.com/

    and the charlie harper illustration on the blog. Birdtastic.

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    Hmmmmm reminds me of my own fat bird, Quail! Which of course was borne from the Partridge Family, of which I watched as a youngster but never fancied David Cassidy though. I just liked the bus and the lifestyle…and the song!