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est. 2007
  1. Time for Tea

    I don’t know why I’m surprised. But here I am, completely astounded and gobsmacked by one particular revelation that arose from tonight’s rather brilliant first episode of Britain From Above, a new TV series on BBC1. (Missed it? Imagine a narrated UK-version of Koyaanisqatsi, minus the Philip Glass score.)

    So what’s got my feathers in a flap? Well, there’s a precise moment, every day in Britain, when the nation’s energy supplies are so strained and pushed beyond capacity that, when necessary, the dude who keeps an eye on the national grid has to borrow extra energy from France.

    Hmmm … what could possibly be causing this weird phenomenon, which apparently is entirely unique to Britain?

    Cue the rolling end credits and the theme-tune of EastEnders, when millions upon millions of Brits get up and switch on the kettle for a cup of tea.

    It’s true! The national grid dude even has a telly in his office – which is thrown into one helluva commotion as soon as EastEnders is over. Just goes to show that the British are creatures of habit … and they love a good cuppa.

    So Gloustershire-based Etsy seller, Lupin, is on to a good thing with her range of handstitched brooches for the tea-obsessed masses.

    Tea Addict pin badge, US$14, from Lupin’s Etsy shop.

    Little tea cup pin, US$15, from Lupin's Etsy shop.

    Fabric tea cup brooch, US$28, from Lupin’s Etsy shop.
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      oh eck, you got my number lol! I love my cuppa. Now off to visit your links 🙂

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      Godammit Etsy drives me crackers – I need to do a big shop there, love all the cute stuff people make

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      As someone who loathes Eastenders (the BBC programme, not the real life geezer types), my eco creditials were given a boost.

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      Heehee, what a great fact! I am going to bore everyone I know with that one now… Thanks so much for featuring my brooches. Laura (Lupin) xxx