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Archive: Sep 2008

  1. Last chance: Tim Walker



    I managed to squeeze in time on Friday afternoon to see Tim Walker's superb exhibition at the Design Museum in London. It closes tomorrow (Sunday) so you've got one day left to see his photography in all its colour-saturated glory. I particularly loved seeing his scrapbooks and 'thinking' behind some of his more spectaclar shoots – so inspirational.

    I'm also keen to check out Eglingham Hall in Northumberland one day – has anyone been? It's interesting that he returned to this English manor house time and again for so many shoots – and fully utilised the grounds as well as the interior. It's hard to imagine it now without a mass of coloured balloons tumbling out of the front windows.

    I made it to the museum with one hour to spare at 4.45pm, which was actually quite fortunate as I picked up a 'last hour' ticket for £5 (down from the usual
    £8.50 for adults).  Something to keep in mind …

    Design Museum

    28 Shad Thames

    SE1 2YD 

    Tel. 020 7403 6933

    Opening hours:
    Daily 10am – 5.45pm
    Last admission at 5.15pm

    Click here for a Wee Birdy map.


    p.s. his kitsch pastel kitties reminded me of one particular wedding from my bridal magazine days where the bridesmaids marched down the aisle with matching dyed poodles in pink, lemon, blue and mint.

  2. Can you handle a ‘Keep Calm’ rug?


    My mate Gemma recently sent me an email entitled, "Don't tell me to keep fuckin calm!!!!" in response to the interior world's love affair with the now ubiquitous Keep Calm and Carry On poster. Shortly after, she designed her own reply and posted it on her Flickr account:


    She's not the only one getting her knickers in a knot over this British WWII reproduction … check out the snarkiness going on over at Apartment Therapy, where admittedly every cool apartment and its doghouse seems to have a "Keep Calm" hovering somewhere between their Saarinen tulip table and Eames plastic rocker.

    You may remember that I was also pretty excited when the first wave of Keep Calms came out. I first fell for the poster when I spied it at the V&A Museum shop soon after I had moved to London from Australia. In its original red design and within the context of the museum shop, I thought it was clever and unique and brought a smile to my newbie expat dial.

    Since then, the trend has exploded and you can now purchase apricot-coloured (apricot?) Keep Calm posters from Etsy, as well as whole host of merchandise ranging from sweatshirts to tote bags.

    And now, introducing, the Keep Calm and Carry On rug, available exclusively from Pedlars.


    What say you? Yay or nay? (Should I duck and cover?)

  3. Online shopping: Present & Correct


    The latest online shop that’s got everyone talking is UK-based Present & Correct. And rightly so – it’s a veritable treasure trove for stationery fiends and those with a penchant for good design and vintage paper ephemera. The best part is that stock is constantly updated (ahem, every Wednesday) with new finds sourced from around the world, like these delightful animal growth charts from Melbourne:


    My most favourite items are really the most classic and simple, like old-fashioned exercise books and school timetables. Here are some more tasty gems I’m loving:



    Dish of the Day letterpress notecards, £2.50, feature traditional British fare like pie and peas.


    I'm also loving Present & Correct's inhouse designs, including their A-Z Endangered Species of the British Isles (fast becoming a modern design classic) and their new range of greeting cards.

  4. Shopping online: Fifi Lapin







    Just in time for London Fashion Week, Ms Fifi Lapin – the most fashion-forward bunny in the city – has launched her very own website and online shop. There's a brand new t-shirt as well as an excellent range of drawings and limited edition prints. Prices start at US$30 for a print, and US$45 for the t-shirt.