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est. 2007
  1. Christmas in New York City


    Like most things in the States, Christmas comes super-sized, from the spectacular Christmas tree in Rockefeller plaza (which puts London's rather spindly gift from Norway to shame) to the festive displays that festooned just about every door, window and lamp post in New York City.

    A few notes about wreaths, New York-style (and you know how much I love a good wreath). Everyone has one. They are invariably enormous. And they are mostly of the fresh fir variety (no retro tinsel versions here). So lovely.

    I found this rather romantic wreath in Ten Bells, a dark and sexy Lower East Side bar we visited on Christmas Eve…

    And this house in the West Village had a wreath in every window…

    Fabulous feathers and big red velvet bows…

    And it was apparently hip to be square at Brown cafe on the Lower East Side…

    The shops were no exception, with Anthropologie at Rockefeller Centre putting a most creative spin on their Christmas windows. Have a look at their crafty and vintage-inspired displays…




    This dress had the prettiest bird print…





    Amazing yarn and fairy light display…

    Even the city's hot dog stands were not immune to decoration overload…


    Coming up… New York street style and shopping.

    • http://meetmeatmikes.blogspot.com pip of meetmeatmikes

      OH MY GOSH! I love these pics SO much! They make me all sighy and festivey and stuff! Your blog is looking so CUTE too!

    • http://dressedandpressed.blogspot.com dressed and pressed

      Ooh… Aaah… everything is so pretty and festive. NY gives good Christmas.

    • http://www.charsinthecity.blogspot.com Char

      Oh! *Drool* I love those Anthropologie windows… I could live there… and the bird print is divine.

    • http://viamannelli.blogspot.com/ Fabio

      I love anthropologie windows and all this report from the big apple, it’s ike to have a window there. You’re doing such a good work!!!!!! Many thankx for sharing. have a good time 🙂

    • http://likklegirl.blogspot.com the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things

      Wow! What a feast for the eyes! That “skirt” with the wooden planks!

    • http://makedostyle.blogspot.com Make Do Style

      Okay I’m officially not talking to you except over a cup of tea when you get back – NYc indeed!

    • http://autumnia.com/ Karen

      Your pictures make New York look so much more romantic and Christmas-y than to those of us who actually live here! And Anthropologie has some of the best window displays in general in the city. I actually work down the block from the Rockefeller location and it’s very hard to *not* go in!

    • http://gugaw.blogspot.com GUGAW

      wow, love that wooden skirt!

    • http://basilexposition.wordpress.com Fionnuala

      WOW! What a tree!

    • http://www.cult-beauty.blogspot.com Jess G. at Cult Beauty

      You are a brilliant photographer, lady. You capture the feel/essence of a place so well. How is the trip going so far? I’m still stuck in the midwest… if you swing by Chicago, let me know! Otherwise, see you back in Blighty. xx

    • http://www.chillichildren.org.uk jenny wren

      OMG Anthropologie! Did you just wanna buy everything in the shop?
      I loved their decorations when I was there too…lotsa craft inspiration. I also saw an inspiring wreath in Starbucks of all places which was a combination of balls of green and red wool and leaves.