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est. 2007
  1. New York street style: Elizabeth on Prince Street



    A wee birdy told me that Elizabeth, 31, is wearing a black dress by Mint Jodi Arnold, white tights by Rebecca Taylor, black patent boots by Steve Madden, jacket by Forever 21, white top by H&M, Paddington bag by Chloe, and hat by BCBG.

    • http://pleindepanique.blogspot.com/ Bee

      Hello! Ran across your blog whilst searching “london craft blogs,” doing way-too-early research for a trip to the UK in July. It is always wonderful to see my city (NYC) through someone else’s (crafty) eyes. So glad you enjoyed your trip, and I’ll be watching your blog (and checking Metrotwin) for more London ideas. It’s been three or four years since my last visit, and I’m guessing there’s much new…

    • Sally

      Can’t believe that jacket is from Forever 21! Nice look!

    • http://theredthreadblog.blogspot.com/ lisa

      Is that Elizabeth B with dark hair?? It looks like her, but then again it doesn’t… I’m just not sure because she looks so different. Great look!

    • http://profile.typekey.com/1217326573s23749/ topbird

      Bee – hello there, thanks so much for stopping in.
      Sally – I know! And it’s exactly the same fabric as an A.P.C. jacket I’d spied earlier.
      Lisa – hey there eagle eyes – it sure is!