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est. 2007
  1. New York street style: Justin on Hester Street, LES


    I know I've never photographed dudes before, but I couldn't resist Justin's sharp New York-take on the uniquely English mod/rude boy/skinhead look from the early '80s.
    A wee birdy told me he was wearing a shirt by Ben Sherman, vest by Fred Perry, braces by 99X (New York mod shop), jeans by Levis, cherry Getta Grip boots, and a vintage trilby. You might also like to check out Justin's splendid band, The Bowery Riots.

    • http://makedostyle.blogspot.com Make Do Style

      Justin the dude! What a find…

    • http://jafabrit.blogspot.com/ jafabrit

      oh boy that brings back memories LOL! I was sooooooooo into Reggae and rude boys in the 70’s when I was living in London.

    • http://viamannelli.blogspot.com/ Fabio

      A birdy sartolist section!!! wowwwww!!! 🙂

    • http://www.lahabitaciondekate.blogspot.com Kate

      Hi! I love London and I love your blog!!! Full of inspiration!!! Greeting from a London corner in Spain!!!

    • http://www.gemmajones.net Gemma Jones

      oh baby – hot stuff!

    • http://profile.typekey.com/1217326573s23749/ topbird

      Make Do – he was the waiter at the cafe where we were having brunch! Of course I had to drag him outside for a pic!
      Jafabrit – you are too cool. Living in London in the ’70s and dating rude boys and all!
      Fabio – check out my other street style posts! The Sartorialist is, of course, the master.
      Kate – thanks for visiting. Love your blog, too.
      Gemma – haha!

    • richard theodore

      this dude looks bad ass. his band is sick!

    • jennifer

      yea he looks hot!! saw him play with his band the bowery riots at gold bar. amazing! he needs to start a clothing and mens fragrance line immediately!

    • Joseph

      It’s not that spectacular of a look really, but on him it looks AMAZING. He rocks it out, baby.

    • http://artlessnonculture.blogspot.com Sam Sinister

      Why’s this guy wearing his braces over the sweater?? Big “fashion no-no”… and his left boot looks like it stepped in something nasty. Ugh.

    • real skinheads

      braces up the vest? hahahahaha horrible

    • skinhead

      dude dont wear braces over pullovers 😉

    • Jake

      I say wear braces over the vest, but if you do, take it all the way home: tuck the vest into your jeans, stud!

    • eliza

      I am so in love with this guy. He is gorgeous and so sexy. I could watch him all day…