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  1. A week of Kent: Broadstairs


    After our morning in Whitstable, we headed over to Broadstairs for an afternoon by the seaside. Following the excellent advice of @circeplum, we headed to Oscar Road Café for the freshest and most enormous doorstop crab sandwich I’ve encountered. (It was actually a difficult choice between that and the bucket of prawns and lobster rolls.)



    Set back on a side street away from the bustle of the seafront, the café itself was completely charming with bunting and vintage-style décor. They also offered a small selection of retro-inspired gifts. We found a perfectly sunny spot under a tree in the back garden, where we quietly sipped ginger beer and experienced a little Enid Blyton moment.




    The homemade cakes (especially the moreish Victoria Sponge) looked particularly enticing under their vintage glass cloches, but I was particularly keen to check out the legendary Morelli’s, which @IndiaKnight had tweeted about earlier this year.


    The icecream parlour and cappuccino bar opened for business in Broadstairs in 1932 and was the first in the UK to offer over 20 flavours of icecream. It was refurbished in 1959, and it’s still resplendent in all its original formica glory, with Lloyd Loom chairs and a soda fountain now stuffed with kitsch plastic flowers.


    Having been advised that no visit to Morelli’s was complete without a Knickerbocker Glory, I duly ordered at the bar and was served what can only be described as a sundae spectacle, topped with whipped cream, cherry, Flake bar, a novel teddy bear wafer and a French flag – all in a wonderful old-fashioned hand-blown glass.


    As if that (and the location) wasn’t enough, the icecream was pretty damn delicious, too. (Londoners can visit the Morelli’s outpost at Harrods, which offers an innovative bespoke icecream service.)

    Outside Morelli’s, the vibrant delights of the Broadstairs seaside awaited. All that was missing was a Punch and Judy show and a couple of donkeys. (And I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid if either showed up.)




    scar Road Café

    15 Oscar Road
    Broadstairs, Kent CT10 1QJ
    Tel. 01843 872442
    Opening hours:
    Thursday to Friday 10.30am-5pm
    Saturday 10.30am-5.30pm
    Sunday 11.30am-5.30pm

    14 Victoria Parade
    Broadstairs, Kent CT10 1Q

    • ozkonewone

      I had to laugh at the beach scene. My first encounter with an English beach was at Hope Cove in Devon. I expected the water to be warmer, similar to Sydney in the spring. I ran into the water, my English family went “nooooo”, dived in, stopped halfway into the dive, and nearly flew across the water trying to escape. Cold, so cold. But lovely, so very lovely. Also saw some guy with a hankie on his head – mercifully, it was a clean hankie.

    • http://www.lucyandi.blogspot.com Catherine

      I love this post! It all looks oh so British. Most enjoyable xx

    • http://autumnia.com Karen

      I love all these pictures from Kent! It makes me want to go and check out all these wonderful places you’ve been to. And I would love a slice of that Victoria sponge cake.

    • http://www.manylittleowls.com Nikki

      Five generations of my family have been to Morellis for ice cream on holidays 🙂
      My grandma lived just outside of Whitstable, and after she came out of hospital towards the start of December last year, my grandad and I took her to Broadstairs to get some fresh air. We wrapped her up warm, tucking a blanket over her legs, and wheeled her along the coast for ages, making the most of this time. We finished off with hot chocolates at Morellis, and sat watching the see, cradling our cups.
      She died on Christmas Eve, and that afternoon will always be a treasured memory. It was her last outing, and I feel lucky that I was there, and that we were able to share something so important to our family history. I will take my children to Morellis and explain to them that my grandma came here as a little girl, with her Mum, and that they sat in the same chairs, choosing off the same menu, decades before.

    • http://www.spudballoo.com spudballoo

      How super! I’ve been to Broadstairs once, in the winter for a wedding…but remember the beach being quite grand, charming and faded all at once (through my hangover, oops). x

    • http://cricketandpip.blogspot.com Jen

      I want to go to there. (ok I just remembered you are in Europe and maybe don’t get this line. It is from a show called 30 Rock. It seems pretty self explanitory yet also uneducated yet if seen in the show HILARIOUS!!) Loved the pictures!!

    • http://deebeale.blogspot.com/ dee

      Wow! where did all that sushine come, it’s like mid November here.

    • http://profile.typepad.com/scrapgrlz Shell Mackay

      aarrgghhhh Wee Birdy… are your ears burning?? because I am cursing you!!
      I really need to stop reading your blog *LOL*
      like you I am a transplant.. but a kiwi living in the US. I have been to the UK and Europe quite a few times – and your posts always make me want to jump on a plane and
      ………..RIGHT NOW!!
      Especially over the last couple of days…
      I am drooling over my keyboard
      I want to shop madly.. online.. until I see the shipping to here *gulp*
      I want to have a ginger beer
      I want to paddle
      I want REAL cakes!!
      *sniff* *sob*
      **insert lonely tear rolling down cheek**
      stop stop stop *lol*

    • http://www.deliciousindustries.blogspot.com Delicious Industries

      Ok, we are now planning a trip to the kent coast. There are way too many gorgeous shops and cafes there to be missing out on! And those cakes look delicious!

    • http://theesilkworm.wordpress.com Emily

      Those cakes look munchy munchy yummy…I am craving a giant glass jar to store things in or to cover cakes and those are reminding me of the fact I must buy one soon! The only problem is I feel they are a tad on the pricey side…oh well!
      Great blog-I lovelovelove the birdy title imgae, very cute and clever 🙂

    • http://www.buyacai.net.au/ Acaislim

      I love this post! It all looks oh so British. Most enjoyable!!

    • http://www.top5photos.wordpress.com Helena

      1. I love the label on the ginger bear
      2. That bear sundae – argh, so sweet!

    • http://tabiboo.blogspot.com/ Nina – Tabiboo

      Greetings from Broadstairs!!
      I love the out look you have on our town – great!!
      Nina x

    • http://www.ektherapies.com/ Hypnotherapy London

      How great. Lovely photos. I do love England, when the sun is shining it seems to sparkel!

    • http://www.tiffanyjewelryllc.com/ Bryan

      They also offered a small selection of retro-inspired gifts. We found a perfectly sunny spot under a tree in the back garden