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  1. Some nice things people have said about Wee Birdy


    ‘50 of the world’s best design blogs’ by Lynne Robinson
    Times Online (December 16, 2009, UK)

    “Incredibly cohesive: London shopping and birds-inspired design, authored by an Australian magazine writer living in London.”



    ‘London shopping blogs’ by Jessica Holland
    The London Paper (August 26, 2009, UK)

    “Wee Birdy is another great, stylish, well-informed blog that brings you the best of the shops and craft fairs so when you do get a chance to nip out, you know exactly what you’re looking for.”


    LuxeLondon_1 LuxeLondon_2

    ‘Very useful: Wee Birdy’
    Luxe City Guides Mobile: London (iPhone application)

    “Dish the dirt. Fab and fun designy under-the-radar blog”



    ‘A Guide to the 100 Best Blogs’ by Brian Appleyard
    The Sunday Times (February 2, 2009, UK)

    “www.weebirdy.com Sometimes it takes outsider eyes to refocus your surroundings for you. Here is a native of Sydney whose blog registers all things good/unknown about her new home, London. Wee Birdy pokes around the back streets of the city for the best shops and sights, so you don’t have to.”



    The Australian (April 4-5, 2009, Australia)

    “www.weebirdy.com A Sydneysider’s blog registers all things good or unknown about her new home, London.”


    Vogue_1 Vogue_2

    ‘Vogue Secret Address Book’
    Vogue (December 2008, UK)

    ““Great fashion and imagery finds from one Australian journalist’s endearingly shiny view of London.”



    Girlfriend magazine (April 2008, Australia)

    “This beautifully written (and totally addictive) London style blog is like a wee trip to the coolest shops in the UK (minus the Qantas airfare).” – Sarah Oakes, former editor.



    ‘Fashion blogs to read now’
    Shop til You Drop magazine (March 2008, Australia)

    Featured as the “One to watch”.


    ‘Cleo’s next top blogger: Meet me at Mike’s’
    Cleo magazine

    Winner Pip Lincolne of Meet me at Mike’s mentions that Wee Birdy is one of her “all time favourite blogs”.



    ‘Wee Birdy’
    India Knight’s Posterous (13 October, 2009)

    “This is one of my favourite blogs of all time – essential reading if you like lovely things; I only wish she’d blog every ten minutes. (We’re going for a coffee next week – I think she may be slightly taken aback by the extent of my love). Her most recent entry is about Nathalie Lete, who it turns out is the genius that designed the Anthropologie (10 days til it opens on Regent Street, pant pant < with excitement, not as in knickers) plates I wrote about the other week. Have a look at her blog right now – it’s total heaven from start to finish.”
    – India Knight, Posterous



    ‘Aussie Writers in London’
    Girl with a Satchel (21 August, 2007)

    “If you’re stuck in your chair at work and fancy a bit of armchair travelling when you’re not glued to Facebook, or are planning a trip to London, I suggest you visit this fresh-for-the-picking blog – exquisite in words and pictures. Former Sydney magazine editor, and current freelance journalist, Rebecca Lowrey Boyd and her partner are sharing a flat in London, from which she produces weebirdy.com, a blog primarily about shopping, style and beauty. The layout is gorgeous and each post is a visual treat. Rebecca’s writing is exciting, succinct and cute. Her latest post on Mrs Kibble’s Olde Sweet Shoppe gave me sugar cravings. Daily Candy, eat your heart out…”
    – Erica Bartle, Girl with a Satchel



    ‘Wee Birdy’
    Brockley Central (21 January, 2010)

    “1. Find a subject you care about. 2. Do not ramble, though. 3. Keep it simple. 4. Have the guts to cut. 5. Sound like yourself. 6. Say what you mean to say. 7. Pity the readers. – Kurt Vonnegut With our singular focus, we don’t often mention other blogs we like, but we’re happy to have an opportunity to put that right in one case. Wee Birdy is an excellent design, craft and shopping blog written by the deputy shopping and style editor at Time Out London magazine, who also happens to live in Brockley. Her work has recently been celebrated by the Times, who selected it for its list of the 50 best design blogs in the world. Check it out.”
    – Brockley Nick, Brockley Central


    ‘When In… London’ by Yolanda Edwards
    Cookie magazine (9 September, 2009)

    “I just came across weebirdy.com, a brilliant blog written by a former magazine editor from Sydney, who now lives in London and writes about her favorite shops and restaurants and finds in her new town….”



    ‘I love Weebirdy.com’ by Lara Crisp, Editor
    Allison & Busby’s blog (17 September, 2009)

    “Today I’d like to share my favourite blog with you. It’s called Weebirdy.com. If you think London’s a grey place to be, think again. Weebirdy introduces you to the cool and the quirky, the colourful and the mad. I’m in love. I could try to sum it all up in wordy fashion but I think the site tweets for itself. You an also follow the Top Bird behind Weebirdy on Twitter here.”
    – Lara Crisp, Editor, Allison & Busby


    ‘Site of the Month: Weebirdy.com’
    Granny Look

    “Weebirdy is not specifically a Christmas website, but it is so lovely I couldn’t wait to share it any longer! Weebirdy is based in London and is all about everything women love: fashion, beauty, design, food, people, travel and more. One of the things that make this blogsite so special is the gorgeous photography in each entry. Look at London snowed in, visit indie shops and drool over the color and variety of the offerings. See unique handmade treasures of all kinds. Find links to places to see and things to do and read reviews of related books. It’s really a lovely read and well worth your time. Go to the site, www.weebirdy.com and type in Handmade Christmas Part 1 to see some extraordinary holiday baking ideas. Beautiful!”



    ‘Wee Birdy’ by Frances Keith
    Notcot.org: for your ideas + aesthetics + amusement

    “Wee Birdy is a great guide to London UK. With snippets about where to shop, secret places, and cool things blogged daily. Lots of nice little boutique design places, crafty things, and cool events.”
    – Frances Keith



    ‘Wee Birdy’
    Tracey Neuls’ Blog

    “Have a look at this website for the latest on interesting little boutiques (yes, including us) around London. A brilliant source for style mavens and curious folk alike!”
    – Tracey Neuls, Owner and designer, Tracey Neuls shoes



    ‘Best Blogs: Wee Birdy’
    Every Little Thing (9 September, 2007)

    “Wee Birdy is a blog devoted to ‘shopping, style, beauty and more’. The blogger is an Australian-born freelance journalist, now living in London — and seems to know what she’s talking about when it comes to fashion. There are some great posts (and photos) on her recent trip to Paris — where she does a nice round-up of all the best places to shop.The blog looks to be relatively new but I reckon it’s going to be a winner.”
    – Every Little Thing



    ‘Introducing Wee Birdy’
    Glam Press: At Home with Kim Vallee

    “I want to start the week peacefully. So this is a feel good post. I discovered a couple weeks ago this fabulous field guide to the good stuff in London, UK. An Australian-born freelance journalist writes Wee Birdy. Her blog is filled with local food places and indie shops.”
    – Kim Vallee, At Home with Kim Vallee



    The 2009 Bloggies

    Wee Birdy was nominated as a finalist for ‘Best Kept Secret Weblog’.

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