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  1. Free! Wee Birdy Christmas gift tags to download





    Mr Birdy and I have been busy designing some very special downloadable Wee Birdy gift tags* for all you lovely readers. Hope you like them – I'm using them on all my presents this year.

    All you need to do is print out the PDF onto (printable) white card stock (or just print them out on white paper and glue to cardboard). Cut out around the tags and use a hole punch to create a hole. Thread through ribbon or string for the merriest of presents.

    Click here to download the pink and red tags.

    Click here to download the blue tags.

    Happy Christmas!

    * The gift tags are copyright Wee Birdy, and are for personal use only. Not for commercial usage.

    • http://profile.typepad.com/alhop AlHop

      Lovely – Thank You x
      Merry Christmas Alison

      • Cspur15

        Thank you for the lovely tags

    • Ceri

      yay, well done Rebecca and Monte, Tom has just been taught Jingles Bells, Batman Smells! He’ll be so excited. xx

    • http://www.unebricoleuse.blogspot.com/ Susan

      Those are adorable, Top Bird. Off to spread the news. xo

    • http://www.inspiredcelebration.co.uk Zoe

      Thankyou so much, these are fabulous xx

    • Sophia

      Love. Thank you!

    • Annette

      Wonderful tags! Thank you for saving me a trip to the store!

    • http://www.matouenpeluche.typepad.com Sam

      They are so pretty! Thank you so much! :0)

    • http://www.foxtail-lilly.co.uk tracey

      Love them. Happy Christmas

    • http://ebabee.co.uk/ebabeelikes NVT

      Lovely gift tags and fab blog. Have posted these to my blog and linked to you. Love’m. Happy Christmas!

    • http://www.xenosmesa.com/blog/ xenos

      this is so much better than anything i could find in any stores. its a shame the holidays are over but regardless, these are all so nicely designed!

    • Carolyn

      Thank you, the tags are so cute and will come in handy this Christmas.

    • Mel

      These are gorgeous & so fun. Thank You!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for sharıng! The tags are so cute)

    • Joan Santoro

      these are just adorable. thanks so much for your creativity and generosity!

    • RobynK

      Sooo cute! My grandkids will love them!

    • Annie Oldham

      These tage are just awesome, thank you sooooo much for sharing!!!!!

    • Marla

      Thank you for these awesome tags. Love both colors!!

    • Shellsq922

      Thank you very much! They’re so cute!

    • Verónica

      Hello, I loved the labels with the birds, I downloaded some, thank you very much for sharing! Greetings from Argentina!

    • Edy

      So cute ~ thanks for sharing these with us!

    • Michal Zuckerman

      They are lovely – thank you so much.