December 24, 2010

Show and tell: Christmas Eve at my place


Just in case you thought I forgot to update you on the Christmas baking, here are my snowflake gingerbread with some very wonky icing (they got a bit sticky in the humidity this morning) …


…and here are the apricot balls. Still have to cross Hugh's peppermint creams off my list. And some very last-minute wrapping.


What's happening at your house? Is it snowing? Have you got everything done for tomorrow?

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  • Hilsters

    Love your cookies. Made mine on Sunday admid the deep and crisp and even of edinburgh… Check them out

  • Fionnuala

    Terrific biscuits! I’m still trying to record a CD for my boyfriend’s birthday, which is on New Year’s Day — I have been recording one every year for his birthday, with favourite songs, with me attempting to do funny voices, all orchestration, etc. It requires a lot of time and work, but it’s totally worth it when he gets it, because he loves it and appreciates the work that it takes. But, yeah: it’s still not finished.

  • Katie

    Oh lovely! I made mine at the weekend and they’ve been polished off.
    Now, I’d be very interested in finding out how those apricot balls happen, can you post a recipe please? They look yum.
    Merry Christmas xxxx

  • Sam

    They look so good! I particularly like the glitter on the cookies in the second photo – so glamorous and festive!

  • Jen

    Those cookies look lovely!! No snow here – high of 70 degrees on Christmas!!! Loved it.

  • Tandblekningskit

    Oh snow flakes, some designs and recipes are truly
    worth keeping. Just a few tweaks and these can be used
    in different occasions as well.

  • Jodi

    I went a bit gingerbread crazy this Christmas, all thanks to a vast selection of christmassy cookie cutters i found. I also made a mountain of chocolate truffles, half of which are still in the freezer until i can face eating chocolate again.

  • Katie – Coco Målé

    oh my, these look so perfect!! My efforts look terrible in comparison to this :( Hope you had a great time and wish you a Happy New Year!

  • thejenbug

    Well done Top Bird – they look fabulous! We travelled from Bristol to Nice on Christmas Eve-Eve, so I didn’t get a chance to bake anything for Christmas this year. Though after Christmas did get to make macarons – my new pastime will be to get them perfected! And we made Jamie Oliver’s Winter Pudding Bombe (with ice cream inside so would make a cool alternative to traditional pudding in the Ozzie climate!) using panettone…yum!

  • Andy

    definitely taste the cake is very tasty

  • Bob Urbanowski

    They all look delicious.

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