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  1. 20 Best Crackers… plus one

    Remember that blog post I wrote about Christmas crackers a few days ago? Where I jumped up and down and swore that I had collated the ultimate top 20 list? Well, I just found one more. It only arrived yesterday. It’s a real little beauty. And it’s got my name all over it (OK, not literally). Introducing the exquisite Ben Pentreath Limited Christmas Crackers.

    Disenchanted with what he found in London’s department stores last year, Ben decided there was nothing else for it but to create his own range. Made by hand in Dorset, these magnificent crackers are the Christmas incarnation of Ben Pentreath himself, handsomely wrapped with unique Judd Street and Pollock’s Toy Museum papers. Inspired (and oh-so-London)!

    Novelties were hand-picked by Ben and include traditional favourites like wooden dice, pencils, marbles in a paper bag, pastry cutters and nutmeg graters. There is also a “terrible joke” (tick!), paper hat (tick) and it goes bang (tick! tick! tick!).  Crackers are £40 for a tray of six, and they’re worth every single pretty penny.

    Ben Pentreath (crackers are available on the online shop and can be shipped overseas)
    17 Rugby Street
    London WC1N 3QT
    Tel. 020 7430 2526
    Nearest tubes: Russell Square and Holborn
    Click here for a Wee Birdy map.

    Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 11am-6pm

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