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  1. Top 12 Etsy shops for mid-century fashion

    Here, I’ve trawled over 100 pages in my Etsy Favourites folder to bring you my top 12 shops that specialise in fashion from the ’50s and ’60s.

    1. Wear it Again
    An excellent resource for the most exquisite ‘50s party frocks in organzas, chiffons, satins, tulles and taffetas. Keep an eye out for classic Alfred Shaheen  frocks.

    2. Jumblelaya
    An impeccable collection of vintage dresses, with an impressive line-up of the prettiest ‘50s full-skirted frocks I’ve seen.

    3. Dear Golden
    This Michegan-based Etsy shop specialises in superbly-preserved frocks from the 20th century. Keep an eye out for magnificent ‘50s party and evening gowns.

    4. Travern 7
    A small but perfectly formed collection of unusual mid-century day and evening dresses, as well as suits and ensembles.

    5. Hollie Point
    A fantastic Etsy shop boasting an impressive range of day and evening dresses from the ‘50s and ‘60s, as well as an immaculately curated collection of jewellery and accessories. I love the floral enamel floral broches.

    6. Swanee Grace
    This New York-based shops stocks a great line-up of day dresses from the ‘50s and ‘60s, as well as separates and accessories.

    7. Quirk Vintage Clothing
    Based in LA, this Etsy shop specialises in mid-century day dresses, with a scattering of evening gowns, bridal, tops, sweaters, hats and coats for good measure. I spotted a Christian Dior ’50s dress here.

    8. Capricious Traveller
    A great collection of mostly day frocks from the twentieth century, with some interesting jewellery pieces as well.

    9. Nod to Mod Vintage
    This shop stocks a large range of frocks spanning the twentieth century, with some really fabulous pieces from the ‘50s and ‘60s.

    10. Thrush
    One of the few really fab vintage shops on Etsy to sort by size, which is kinda important as a lot of vintage frocks are very tiny indeed.

    11. My Favorite Vintage
    An excellent shop for vintage shoes, as well as some rather incredible mid-century evening wear.

    12. Simplicity is Bliss
    Lots of fabulous ‘50s day frocks here, but I’ve also spotted some really lovely black cocktail numbers as well.

    Frocks above, top row, from left to right: Vintage lace and tulle dress; L’aiglon floral butterfly print pintucked bodice party dress; Pink and green striped mod dress; Italian chiffon cocktail dress; Selena dress; and Linen sunflower dress.
    2nd row, from left to right: Yellow chevron 60s dress; Silk wiggle dress; Silk brocade shift dress; 1950s plaid cotton dress; Two-piece linen 50s set; and ’50s brocade wiggle dress.
    3rd row, from left to right: Floral print ’50s dress; Elise vintage-inspired dress; Cotton madras bib collar dress; Silk chiffon polkadot party dress; Dig for Victory nautical dress with red bow; and Ice princess tulle dress.
    4th row, from left to right: Ceil Chapman blue organdy dress; Vintage Don Loper dress; Christian Dior ’50s dress; Navy blue dress with diamond pattern; Cotton voile dress with shelf bust; and Purple roses chiffon dress.
    5th row, from left to right: Plaid 50s dress; Floral cotton dress; Tulle and lace party dress; Linen polka dress wiggle dress; Couture Julie Boutell coral dress; and ’60s cotton wrap sundress.
    6th row, from left to right: Darcy pencil vintage dress; Rose red dress; Two-piece wool suit; ’50s day dress; Pumpkin orange dress; and Floral wiggle dress.
    Bottom row, from left to right: Floral chiffon ’60s dress; Brown polkadot swing dress; ’50s Alfred Shaheen Hawaiian print dress; Polka dot sheer organza dress; Dig for Victory black Tiffany prom dress; and Dig for Victory black Audrey tea dress.

    Coming up: more of my favourite Etsy shops for vintage fashion and accessories.
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    • http://www.burpboutique.com/ Kate

      I think this is a gorgeous collection of fine vintage frocks. The graduating colour is beautiful! Nice work :o)

    • Rita

      Wow I love the colours in the picture and there are so many wonderful shops to trawl through! Thanks for ruining my productivity today Wee Birdy! 😉

    • Jenny Brent

      Awesome! x

    • http://www.loulouloves.me/ LouLouloves

      It was pay day in Sweden yesterday. Thank God! Thanks for the tips!

    • http://happyhousewifey.com/ hayley – happyhousewifey

      Love the last 3 in the bottom line! Gorgeous 🙂