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  1. FREE printables: Jubilee cupcake toppers and cake banners

    To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next weekend, I’ve designed some special Wee Birdy cupcake toppers and cake banners! They’re free to download and print and super-easy to assemble.

    Wee Birdy free printable Jubilee cupcake toppers

    Jubilee cupcake toppers
    All you need is a colour printer, some cardboard (a cereal box will do or some red or blue cardboard would look great), some scissors or pinking shears, glue and toothpicks.

    Print out the free downloadable PDF here* and glue the back of the sheet of cupcake toppers to an A4 piece of cardboard, then cut around each circle. I used pinking shears for a cute finish. Stick a toothpick to the back of each cupcake topper with sticky tape. If you want it to look super-slick, print out another sheet of toppers and glue another topper on the back, covering up the toothpick. Ta-da! How good do they look?

    Wee Birdy free printable Jubilee cake banners

    Jubilee cake banner
    All you need is a colour printer, some scissors, glue, cardboard and wooden skewers.

    Print out the free downloadable PDF here* and glue the back of the banner/s to some cardboard. Cut around the border, making sure you don’t cut over the coloured edge. Stick two skewers on a slight angle to each end of the banner with sticky tape. You’re done – now just pop it in the Victorian Sponge and it’s ready for your Jubilee street party. If you’re having a table of cakes, pop a different design in each cake. They’ll look spectacular. Enjoy!

    * The Wee Birdy Jubilee Cupcake Picks and Cake Banners are free downloadable pdfs and are for personal use only. Please feel free to pin, blog or tweet about these free printables, but please link back to www.weebirdy.com and to this actual post’s URL. Please do not link directly to the downloadable file. Thank you.

    Click here to download the FREE Diamond Jubilee Cake Banner.
    Click here to download the FREE Diamond Jubilee Cupcake Toppers.

    Are you having a Jubilee party next weekend? Tell me what you’re doing!

    • Elliott

      Wow these are so cute! Makes me feel very patriotic!

    • http://www.schmoozemuse.blogspot.co.uk/ Schmoozemuse

      CUTE! Perfect to get into the spirit of things!

    • Maria

      FABULOUS. Much better than the ones I was about to pay for.

    • Jenny Brent

      AWESOME! I’m SO using these for my Jubilee cupcakes on the weekend – will take pics for you! xx

    • http://www.picturebritain.com Abigail Rogers

      These are absolutely too sweet! Here’s a great recipe for a Victoria sponge, as well as 10 tips for a really fluffy cake: http://www.picturebritain.com/2012/05/cake-fit-for-queen-victoria-sponge.html

    • http://twitter.com/Convo_Pieces Zoë (Convo_Pieces)

      These are brilliant! There isn’t much happening in Scotland for the Jubilee… though I have a hankering after throwing a party anyhow!

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      These are the cutest ever! Totally going to celebrate the Jubilee xx

    • Debs

      Perfect! These are going on cakes and brownies for Jubilee weekend. Awesome. Thank you.

    • Jo

      Thanks so much for the free printables – we had lots of fun making these yesterday! http://joagepamplemousse.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/diamond-jubilee-baking.html