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est. 2007
  1. Vale Vidal Sassoon

    Farewell Vidal Sassoon, and thank you for being so thoroughly modern. Here is a visual tribute to some of your most legendary hair cuts.

    Above, Grace Coddington ‘Five Point Cut’ by Vidal Sassoon, 1964. Photography by David Montgomery. Vintage silver gelatin print. 10 x 7.9 inches. Courtesy Michael Hoppen Gallery.

    Above left, fashion designer Mary Quant and Vidal Sassoon in 1964. Photography by Ronald Dumont/Getty Images; and above right, Mia Farrow’s Vidal Sassoon haircut for the 1968 film Rosemary’s Baby.

    Above left, Nancy Kwan modeling her Vidal Sassoon cut for a 1968 issue of Vogue.  Photography by Terry Donovan; and above right, Vidal Sassoon with Grace Coddington.

    • Ashley

      Beautiful photos! It’s hard to believe Grace Coddington ever had that hair!

      • Anonymous

        It’s a bit of a contrast to her current wild mane of awesomeness, isn’t it? She’s always had the best hair styles.