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  1. Wee finds: Jubilee shop windows

    Happy Jubilee Tuesday! I love the way that Britain’s retailers have fully embraced the pomp and pageantry of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with patriotic window displays. Not a bad retail strategy, actually, considering it’s a golden opportunity to showcase the very best of British products.

    I also adore the very British sense of humour that’s evident in so many window displays – from bunting fashioned out of knickers in Frome to the Queen dressed in a sparkly Union Jack in Hebdin Bridge.

    But no-one else could quite capture the splendour, eccentricity and wit of Selfridges, which outdid itself with its magnificent “Big British Bang” campaign, with each window portraying a typically British scene. The “food of royalty” window features a Pearly King and Queen in an East End caff, while punks take over the “changing of the guard” window. Brilliant.

    I’ve pulled together a gallery of some of the UK’s best Jubilee shop windows. Which one is your favourite?

    Special thanks to all the Wee Birdy readers who contributed their photos.

    Wee Birdy is celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee!
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    • Peopleshop

      Some beauts there… But gotta be @thepeopleshop for me! Thanks so much for featuring us on your lovely blog xx

    • Marjorie

      Awww….I want to go to London!

    • Meg

      Wonderful stylish fun was how London is shown here but we also did it rather well in Poynton, Cheshire with our knitted bunting presented to all the local shops and businesses and which also raised money for the charity Hope for Justice which helps to rescue victims of UK human trafficking. I think, from what I saw and heard in the media, that the Jubilee celebrations were a coup.

      • Meg

        P.S. Here’s one of the shops with knitted bunting & Union flag dress made from carrier bags …

    • http://lucysaysido.com/ Lucy

      I think the Liberty windows have to be my favourite, so fun but so very British (plus I contributed one of the pics via twitter!) but I love the unicorn paper sculpture by Ivana Nohel and the look of the White Room too. Thanks for sharing them all.

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    • Anonymous

      Incredible. Australian VM teams could do well to emulate even half of what UK VMs do. These are superb. And supremely share-able. Seriously. I’d just stand there enjoying them. So, so great!

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      Amazing shoots!
      Love the shop windows!So beautiful!

    • http://www.ldnwicklesscandles.com/scentsy-uk/ christine

      Wow thanks for this…I rarely get out to Oxford Street anymore and its nice to see some of the window displays for the Jubilee. Selfridges always does a great job with their windows don’t they?