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  1. Get the look of Nina’s apartment from Offspring

    Have you been watching Offspring? Are you as obsessed as I am?

    This season has officially got me hooked, and when I’m not angsting about Nina and Patrick’s on-off relationship, I spend quite a bit of time perving at her apartment. (My sister, meanwhile, is obsessed with Nina’s casual-bohemian wardrobe, and if you also want to get her look, I heartily recommend Styling You‘s excellent series of posts, ‘So you want to look like Nina Proudman‘.)

    I adored Nina’s first apartment (which was destroyed by fire in the first episode of season three), especially the extraordinarily beautiful white pressed metal feature wall. I was so taken by it that I hunted down the Melbourne-based manufacturer, Pressed Tin Panels, and bookmarked their site for future dream home renovations.

    This led me to hunt down some of the key pieces from Nina’s new apartment, especially her bedroom, which features quite a few things by independent Australian designers. I love that the stylists and set dressers have sourced many things from Melbourne, which is where the show is set. Way to keep the show real.

    In a tribute to Styling You‘s original Nina posts, here’s how to make Nina Proudman’s bedroom your own:

    1. I love Nina’s lamp on her bedside table, which was a gift from Darcy when she moved into her new flat. It’s made by Melbourne-based design studio Pierre and Charlotte. The bleached and limed Baby Tree Light is AU$630 plus GST and can be ordered via their website.

    2. Nina’s distinctive cushions match the quilt which was custom-made for Offspring by Melbourne-based accessories label Nancy Bird. The Fish Scale cushions are AU$150 each, from Nancy Bird. (Nancy Bird’s other cushion designs also feature on Nina’s couch.)

    3. Nina has a chrome floor lamp on the other side of her bed. Get the look with the Alpha Floor Lamp, $299 from Freedom.

    4. Nina’s room features a French provincial farmhouse-style dresser or buffet. Get the look with the HEMNES chest of eight drawers in white from IKEA, AU$499. For a similar antique French sideboard, check out Sydney’s Country Trader as well as this Cancun white-washed three drawer console table, now AU$499 from Freedom. I also like this gorgeous fishing boat buffer from Rustique, which would also look great in Nina’s apartment.

    5 and 6. I spy some luxe Jo Malone candles and cologne on Nina’s dresser, and I reckon the Wild Fig & Cassis fragrance is very Nina. Jo Malone is available from David Jones stores in Australia. Jo Malone Wild Fig & Cassis home candle, £38 and Wild Fig & Cassis cologne, £76, both from Selfridges.

    7. The distinctive painting over Nina’s bed is by Australian artist Rosetta Santucci.

    8. It looks like Nina has an oak candlestick on her dresser. If you’re after a similar design, look at these French Oak candlesticks, from £110 from Katherine North Design. Otherwise, get the look with the ÅRYD candlestick, AU$17.99 from IKEA.

    9 and 10. It wouldn’t be Nina’s bedroom without an owl. While most of her collection perished in the house fire, it looks like she’s restrained herself in her new apartment with just one small ceramic owl on her dresser. Get the look with this owl ornament, AU$12.95 from Domayne. I also love this image of an Have You Met Miss Jones horn owl lamp, which is also very Nina and features a white pressed metal wall in the background – just like Nina’s old flat.

    11. Here is Nina’s actual quilt which was custom-made for Offspring by Nancy Bird. They’ve since been inundated with requests so they’ve put the digitally-printed design into production. The Fish Scale Queen size quilt cover is available in Queen and King sizes from $650.

    12. Nina’s dresser features a group of plain white pillar candles in various sizes. Get the look with the HEMSJÖ unscented natural block candle, AU$2.99 for a pack of four from IKEA.

    13. I’ve spotted a classic Bentwood chair next to Nina’s bedside table. You can get a replica Thonet No 18 Bentwood timber chair from Matt Blatt for AU$195.

    14. There is an arrangement of various clear glass bottles and carafes on Nina’s dresser. Copy the look with IKEA’s LÖNSAM carafe, AU$2.99 and PS BJUDA Carafe, AU$15.99.

    15. Nina’s dresser also features a white bone china bird on a pedestal. I’m pretty sure it’s by Australian designer Have you met Miss Jones, for AU$24.

    Do you watch Offspring? What’s your favourite thing in Nina’s room?

    • http://www.stylingyou.com.au/ Nikki | Styling You

      Oh I love this! Brilliant Rebecca. Will link it on my Facebook page tomorrow!

      • Anonymous

        Oh yay! Thanks Nikki. xx

        • anpz

          hi wee birdy
          I love your breakdown, but I loved her old apartment more than her new one … I have found a link to her old apartment (http://www.realestate.com.au/property-apartment-vic-brunswick-110442433), Im desperately trying to find the long skinny wooden table with white legs and wheels, Ive found most of the other items from places like sokol and matt blatt and click on furniture, but the table, well both the tables are proving to be very elusive to find. Would you be able to suggest any ideas on where to look?
          Thanks heaps

    • Teawithonesugarplease

      We don’t get this show in the UK, but I think I will now try and track it down just from those interior shots!

      • Anonymous

        You must! Start with the first DVD. xx

    • Bel

      I love the little cabinet with the purfume bottles – I soo want to to find one. Great finds Wee Birdy – you read my mind.

      • bel


        • Anonymous

          On to it, Bel! I did do a preliminary search and didn’t have much luck, and I highly suspect it’s a one-off or ex-showroom display product. But I’ll find out!

          • jan

            I’m loving the little cabinet too! Hope you managed to find one and looking forward to reading about it 🙂

    • Emma

      I’m obsessed with Offspring. Its my favourite show of the week and I cannot believe we only have 1 more episode to go. Thank you for these links. Love Nina, love her apartment (though its not really my taste) and her clothes. Love Dr Patrick too.
      My favourite part of the room is her gorgeous quilt and cushions

      • Anonymous

        I want her to get back with Patrick!!! xx

    • Dianne

      Came by on Nikki’s recommendation… have liked your facebook page so I can read more of your blogs in the future. Love Nina’s clothes… and have to say I love the kitchen and entry of Nina’s new place… I have white furniture in my bedroom & love it in Nina’s too… Thank you for the bedroom break down, love it!

      • Anonymous

        Hi Dianne – lovely to hear from you and thanks for checking me out! Isn’t that worn green front door divine? Please do keep in touch. xx

    • Mil

      BLESS YOU!! I am just catching up on the series to date and was only noting the painting in her room last night. I have the perfect spot for one. Hooray! Now to save the pennies!

      • Anonymous

        How AMAZING is that art work? You know Rosetta only recently had a show in Melbourne? She’s definitely one to keep an eye on. xx

    • Big Sister

      It’s your big sister and I have to say I object – I am not obsessed by Nina’s wardrobe – she copied me!
      And maybe I just accidently found out that the blue top in this weeks episode is by Antik Batik purely by coincidence as I was casually looking through European fashion sights as a detour from the Higgs Boson live feed.
      But hey! I’m on holidays!
      And now I’m squishing my eyes and imagining some Nancy Bird cushions on my lounge…..
      But I’m not obsessed.

      • Anonymous

        Ha! You make me laugh, Nina-copied-my-style sister. The cushions are awesome. I’d get ’em, for sure. xx

      • Tee

        Your comments are hilarious…..you sound exactly like my big sister!!! She swears Nina copied her too. ha ha xxx

    • Elijon3

      Hi I love it, thanks I have been looking for that lamp for ages though I don’t think Nina’s was lime washed. Now if you could only tell me where to find the Blue Birds that were on the tin pressed wall in the old apartment.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I think you can get the lamp in natural oak. Ahhh, I do recall those blue birds on the wall in the old apartment. I’ll have a dig around and get back to you. xx

    • Kate

      Great idea!

      • Anonymous

        Hurrah! thanks Kate. xx

    • Lorna

      Love your blog on Nina’s bedroom furniture from Offspring. Do u know where I can get the white prefeme cabinet ontop of her chest of draws? I love this!!!!

    • Constance

      Hi….. where can I find embossed wallpaper like in Nina’s apartment picture 10?

      Thanks so much!

    • http://twitter.com/AnnaFranklinVP Anna Franklin

      Love this post as homeware is a bit of an obsession of mine. I think I’m into homewares like many girls are into fashion! So lovely to see Jo Malone featured as well, my fave frangance brand/lady.

    • http://twitter.com/AnnaFranklinVP Anna Franklin

      Love this post as homeware is a bit of an obsession of mine. I think I’m into homewares like many girls are into fashion! So lovely to see Jo Malone featured as well, my fave frangance brand/lady.

    • amber

      My favourite thing in Nina’s room is Patrick.
      Although I am really rather fond of the beautiful artwork above the bed.

    • fiona

      I love the artwork above the bed, and actually i love the whole apartment, wish it was mine.

    • Jess

      Such a good post! Was wondering if you found out where I could find the little white glass cupboard on ninas dresser that she keeps all her perfumes in? So beautiful!

      • Anonymous

        Hi Jess! Sadly I haven’t discovered the source of the little white perfume cupboard. I suspect it’s a one-off, and it could very well be an ex-shop fitting. But I’ll keep my eyes out!

    • JA

      Anyone know where you can get the doona that Clegg used when he was staying with Nina and Patrick??

    • Helen

      Oh! You’ve made my day! I’ve been wanting to know where the quilt on her bed came from for ages. So in love with it, thanks for posting this!

    • Debbie

      Hi, I was wandering if you could tell me who the artist is, or where I can find the rose print /painting on canvas on the wall of Nina and Patricks bedroom. It was on the wall adjacent to their bed. Thanks!

    • Kiri

      Hi, in the new season there’s s chrome lamp on left side of Nina’s bed with round flat top. I wondered who sells them, I’ve been searching for something similar online with no luck…

    • Kate

      Hi guys! Yes totally love Nina’s house!
      Can anyone tell me the artist or where to buy the grey canvas behind Nina’s loungeroom couch from this season?
      Would be eternally grateful! I love it!
      Thank you

    • LisaPatto

      Hi, would you know where I could buy the poufs from Nina’s living room? I love them!

    • K Kay

      Hi there! You know so much I was wondering if you knew where I could find the round floral full moon shape vase that’s sitting on the side hall table of her first apartment!?
      Many thanks!