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  1. It’s Wee Birdy’s 5th birthday today! Win a Tatty Devine necklace!

    Happy blogday to me, Happy blogday to me, Happy blogday dear birrrrrdy, Happy blogday to me!

    Five years ago today I sat down at the kitchen table in my wee flat on Kingsland Road, East London, opened up a Blogspot account, and starting writing about some the little shops I had discovered and loved in my neighbourhood. My very first post was about Labour and Wait, which was then located on Cheshire Street – it’s since moved to nearby Redchurch Street.

    How things have changed – and not changed. I’ve since landed my dream job at Time Out London, had drinks with Sarah Brown and London’s fashion elite at Number 10 Downing Street, attended London Fashion Week, met the most amazing and inspirational people, fallen in love with my readers, moved back to Sydney, had a baby, stopped blogging for a while, moved to WordPress and started blogging again, this time with my favourite Sydney shops and happenings added to the Wee Birdy mix.

    To celebrate Wee Birdy’s 5th birthday, I’m giving away FIVE fabulous prizes over the next FIVE days. Each prize is something I truly love and hand-picked especially for you, my dearest and most lovely readers.

    TODAY’S PRIZE IS A LEGENDARY TATTY DEVINE NAME NECKLACE. Design your very own Tatty Devine name necklace in your choice of words, lettering, charm and colour – they’ve just launched a lovely new lilac hue to their collection. Use the clever online tool which allows you to see a mock-up of your custom-made design. I used it to make the ‘Happy Birthday Wee Birdy’ message above.

    I’m delighted to kick off a birthday week of celebrations on Wee Birdy with Tatty Devine, as it’s an East London brand that encapsulates all the things I love – London; hand-made; excellent design; independent retailer; awesome female entrepreneurs – and it’s also one of the shops I first blogged about back in 2007.

    I’ve loved watching Tatty Devine develop and grow over the past five years, with their move into Selfridges, exciting events and DIY workshops, a new book and range of jewellery tools and collaborations with the likes of Belle and Sebastian, Rob Ryan, and Eley Kishimoto.

    Most recently, Tatty Devine launched their Name Necklace Now service at their Covent Garden store on Monmouth Street. Design your own custom name necklace and have it made on the spot by the new in-store lasercutter. It’s just one of their innovative initiatives that’s keeping independent retail alive and well – as well as adding a touch of hand-crafted genius to the retail landscape of central London.

    Check out this video below which shows the process of a Name Necklace being lasercut and finished by hand at Tatty Devine’s East London workshop.

    Also, as a special birthday present for ALL Wee Birdy readers, the awesome girls at Tatty Devine are offering Β£5 off when you spend over Β£30 at tattydevine.com. Use the discount code WEEBIRDY5, which is valid until 31 July, 2012.


    Follow these two steps to win:

    1. To qualify to win, you must follow or ‘like’ Wee Birdy on either Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter – or all three if you like! If you’re already following me on one of these platforms, you are automatically qualified to win.

    2. Leave a comment in the comments section of this post and ensure you enter your email address in the space provided (your email address will not be published).

    The competition closes on Saturday 21 July, 2012 at 5pm AEST. Winners will be drawn at random on Sunday 22 July. Winners will be announced and contacted by email on Monday 23 July, 2012.
    Winners have one week to respond to the initial email from Wee Birdy confirming that they have won. If Wee Birdy doesn’t hear from the winner of each prize within a week, the winner/s will forfeit their prize and Wee Birdy will randomly draw another winner/s.

    • Tracey

      So generous of you to give gifts on your birthday!

    • Emma

      I love that it’s your birthday but we get the presents! You know I like you Wee Birdy – Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram πŸ™‚ The posts are great and keep them up. It’s a must read blog!

    • http://www.hairromance.com Christina @ Hair Romance

      Happy Birthday! I just ordered a blog name necklace from Tatty Devine but would love one of my name too xx

    • Ceri

      hell yeah Wee Birdy! Happy Birthday xxxx

    • Kate

      congratulations wee birdy. i’m following you on twitter. fingers crossed.

    • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

      I really love Tatty Devine designs, but I’ve yet to own any jewellery. I do however own the book! Happy Blog birthday! πŸ˜€

    • Bella Robs

      Happy 5 years!! I think that your blog is fantastic and love looking at all of your pictures on Instagram

    • http://www.itsverykt.com/ Katy Dee – Shiztastic

      Happy birthday Wee Birdy! Amazing. Big fan of Tatty devine, being a London girl myself I have too watched them grow into something so amazing and have always wanted a name necklace! I follow all of your social media so fingers crossed! x [email protected]

    • sarah-jane down the lane

      Happy Birdy~Day to you…Tatty Divine you say? That’s awfully nice of you!
      chirpa chirpa cheep cheep from the Lane girl -x-x-x-

    • Ellen sampson

      Happy Birthday!

    • http://www.goldilocksbeauty.com/ Janine

      Congratulations! What an round up of fantastic achievements. And such a lovely blog, well done.

    • Katherine

      Happy birthday Wee Birdy! What a fantastic prize.

    • EssieRae

      Happy blogiversary! Really love reading your blog and would live some Tatty Devine in my life πŸ™‚

      • EssieRae

        Or love even!! Damn iPhone keyboard πŸ˜‰

    • http://www.farfromtheweddingcrowd.com/ anna

      Yay for fabulous anniversaries!

    • Jenny Brent

      Happy 5th Birdy! Have always loved your blog. xxx

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=569897874 Joanne Ingram

      Happy Blogtastic Birthday!

    • Big Sis

      Happy blogiversary!
      For any Sydneysiders visiting London I heartily recommend Wee Birdy’s suggestion to visit Tatty Devine. Because I’m the Big Sis on a recent trip to London I was lucky enough to have a personally tailored shopping day planned by Wee Birdy for my daughter and I. It was the best day ever and included a visit to Tatty Devine in Covent Garden. My daughter bought the dinosaur bones necklace and gets so may comments every time she wears it. Perhaps Wee Birdy might be convinced to publish such a guide!

    • Anonymous

      Five awesome birdy years! Happy bloggy bird-day baby! I love Tatty Devine. I have a much-loved bracelet of hers that was given to me by one of my BFFs for my 21st birthday. It’s still going strong. What a wonderful giveaway.

    • Paint_munkey

      Happy birthday from london wee birdy! I love your blog!

    • Sophalina

      Happy Birthday!!! What great giveaway!

    • http://serenaolivieri.com/ Serena Olivieri

      Hi! Happy birthday! I love this giveaway! πŸ™‚

    • http://twitter.com/dibdabdebi Debi Cohen

      Many happy returns Missy xxx

    • Rachel at rainbowvintagehome

      Happy 5th Birthday!! 5 is my lucky number – fingers crossed! Love your pins. xx

    • carrotcoriander

      Happy birthday x

    • Katy

      Happy Birthday!

    • Lucy Marshall

      What a birthday treat – Happy Blogday! x

    • Mrs Schneider

      Awesome! Happy birthday!

    • http://ladylovescake.wordpress.com/ Kat

      Happy birthday Wee Birdy and congratulations for keeping up your rather excellent blog. πŸ™‚

    • Gfresh

      Happy Birthday Wee Birdy! Congratulations!

    • Gemma

      Rad flitting and chirping darling birdy! You’ve built a rather grand nest here – may your flock continue to grow and sing!

    • Karen

      Happy 5th Blog Birthday, Top Bird!

    • Kerry Wright

      Happy Birdday!

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      Happy birthday, little bird!! Five years… wow. And those name necklaces are super-cute! You chose well xx

    • http://twitter.com/rachwarwick Rach Warwick

      How exciting, happy birthday! I used to live on Kingsland Rd too

    • http://twitter.com/anthea_yeah that’s me

      I’ve always wanted one of these! And happy birthday!

    • Celisa Urech

      Happy birthday, Wee Birdy! Fingers and toes crossed!!

    • Jane

      Congratulations on your birthday!

    • http://twitter.com/mypoppetshop Cintia :: My Poppet

      love a cute necklace !

    • francesca / mrseliotbooks

      great giveaway! happy birthday wee birdy! i follow on facebook as mrs eliot books.

    • 30skellum

      Happy birthday Wee Birdy! I have been a follower of your wonderful blog for years, you have no idea how useful your shopping maps have been to me in that time!
      I LOVE Tatty Devine name necklaces, especially the glitter ones.

      Maddie xxx

    • Stacey

      Happy birthday wee birdy. I love tatty Devine – great choice

    • Bernie_155

      Happy birthday!!:)

    • Claire

      Great way to celebrate your birthday!

    • http://twitter.com/TheGiantTeacup Jane Sommerville

      I’m a HUGE fan of Tatty Devine, and am currently saving up for one of their wonderful sugar skull necklaces – although I may have to take advantage of the very kind money-off offer! Thanks for a fab giveaway and well done for 5 blogalicious years!

    • Little Brown Bird

      I love Tatty Devine! Happy Birthday Wee Birdy


      Little Brown Bird xx

    • SarahB

      I’ve always wanted to get a customised Tatty Devine necklace, but never really got around to buying one unfortunately. xx

    • Sofia

      Happy birthday! What a great competition πŸ™‚

    • Siac7

      Happy birthday! I have really enjoyed your blog for several years – especially all the London shopping tips! Thanks!

    • I follow you on the lot! [email protected]

    • Bongoqueen

      Gawd, yes! I would get ‘Lopez’ or ‘Jones’… x

    • Lesley Barnes

      I’d have to come up with a more impressive name…….

    • Ally (sapa)

      Super cute necklaces!!

    • Sam

      Gorgeous x happy blog birthday too xxx

    • Naomi K

      Oh my gosh … I’m currently in love with Tatty Devine’s products!

    • rochellemara

      Happy happy birthday to a gorgeous blog!!!

    • Jojo

      Dear Top Bird,

      First of all – happiest of birthdays to you, fine feathered friend! I am a long time reader and admirer of Wee Birdy. Secondly – please may I win this lovely prize? I collect Tatty Devine and the name necklace is one of the pieces which I covet but have never purchased. If I win, I will be a loyal follower for life. Also, I know first aid, so you can all on me for help any time you cut your finger or a limb spontaneously falls off.

      Fondest Regards,

    • Maddybayley

      Happy birthday twit twoooo!! Fab website and loving your products and blog xx

    • Jane H

      Irresistible. You and your giveaway both. Thank!

    • Shipra Kaul

      Superb quality content. The divine necklace discussion is quite better and is effective

    • http://www.afternoonteatotal.com/ Natalie

      Happy Birthday. Five years of top quality posts is definitely to be celebrated. And what a lovely giveaway too!

    • misselu

      Have been wondering where to get one of these necklaces ever since I saw someone with the same name as me (first & middle) wearing one at a wedding – love them – thanks for the heads up!
      Happy Birthday Wee Bird! x

    • mrsgriff

      I need one of these in my life!

    • Kerry Locke

      I Love Tatty Divine … Originality at its best xxx

    • ringoslover

      Happy Blogday, dear Wee Birdy! You will forever remain the number one blog in my life!

    • Sylvia Leaver

      Happy Birthday. Great designs. Tweeted and followed on Twitter. Also liked on Facebook & Pinterest.