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  1. The 25 best London Olympic Games souvenirs: the non-tat edition

    Medal Necklace by Tatty Devine.

    You know I love me some awesome London souvenirs. So I’ve been in a veritable flap all year with Britain’s designers putting their considerable talent behind all sorts of desirable and highly collectable stuff to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and the 2012 London Olympic Games.

    You won’t find any “official” London Olympics merchandise here, because frankly, I couldn’t find anything I fancied. And I’m sure you’re going to be hit over the head with the stuff over the next few weeks. Furthermore, the official mascots are kind of hideous and I can’t look at the official 2012 logo without seeing Lisa Simpson performing an adults-only act. Oh dear.

    Instead, I’ve scoured the net for great design, a playful approach and stuff I’d actually like to wear – or have in my house. And you’ll find that most of the pieces are designed or made in Britain, if not London itself. Take Thorsten van Elten’s collaboration with East London creative agency CREATE, which offers a line-up of five “well considered” souvenirs by British designers that serve as an antidote to the “overly-commercial, tacky souvenirs on sale across London this summer”.

    Are you ready? Steady. GO!

    What’s your favourite Olympics souvenir?

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    • Miss Polly

      Firstly, I love your Olympic souvenir selection – the Tatty Devine medal and the diving Brad necklace are my personal favourites.
      Secondly, I just had to google the Official Logo (was completely unaware it existed – I’d only seen the one-eyed mascots(Yikes)) and cannot possibly see it any other way now than your Lisa Simpson description! And she’s not playing her saxaphone! What were they thinking????? What is it anyway???

      • Anonymous

        It’s bad, isn’t it? I just provided a helpful link in the post so that other people can see the logo and mascot. It’s meant to an illustrative 2012. But it didn’t quite turn out like that, did it? xx

    • http://livplusdaveequals.blogspot.com/ Liv Lundelius

      Tatty Devines jewellery is always amazing, this is so cute! Great find!
      And I totally agree the whole official merchandise including the logo is just a bit strange.
      I wonder if anyone actually likes it!? Ah well, at least hooray for cute things like this.

    • Jenny Brent

      Good to see some nice Olympic themed stuff for a change!

    • Dorn

      Love your selection Wee Birdy. My favourite is the Liberty Olympic scarf and the Track screen print by Julian Shaw.

    • http://agirlastyle.com/ A Girl, A Style

      LOVE this roundup so much! I actually already bought myself the Stella knickers (I love her souvenir knickers), and now think that Tatty Devine necklace is on my wishlist!

      Briony xx

    • http://agirlastyle.com/ A Girl, A Style

      P.S. If there’s any of this (or anything else) I can put in your parcel, then let me know and I’ll track it down to join the Jubilee stuff! B xx