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  1. Wee finds: Top 10 London souvenir mugs

    This has the potential to be the worst blog post in the history of the blogging. Seriously, London Olympics souvenir mugs, you’re asking? But apparently they’re one of the fastest-moving souvenirs that visitors to London (and lovers of London) take home, and there are some truly wretched examples out there. So as the unofficial ambassador for all things lovely about London, I’ve taken it upon myself to find 10 excellent specimens that tick all the right boxes for design, originality and quality.

    Top image: Set of six London mugs, £36 from Mini Moderns.

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    • http://www.mycreativephotography.co.uk/blog Michelle

      Not bad mugs as mugs go. I think I would rather pick up something from the one of the lovely museum shops (V&A is my favourite)

      • Anonymous

        Oh I agree – I scoured the V&A but they didn’t have any London-themed mugs at the moment, and the one I wanted to feature from the Tate Modern had sold out 🙁 X

    • http://twitter.com/AnnaFranklinVP Anna Franklin

      Battersea Powerstation on a mug?! Brilliant! So love these. Looks so great as the whole set. Perfect for my ex-Londoner visitors.

    • http://emailwizardry.nightjar.com.au/ Nicole Merlin

      Definitely NOT the worst blog post in history! I am in London for a week and have not as yet come across a mug I want to take home. I specifically googled “best London souvenir mugs” and was so delighted to see that someone had actually written about this very important issue! Thank you very much 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Oh thank you, Nicole! I’m afraid that these mugs might be a bit dated now, as I wrote it around the time of the Olympics. The museum shops (Tate, V&A, Museum of London) always have great London mugs. Good luck on your mug-finding mission!

        • http://emailwizardry.nightjar.com.au/ Nicole Merlin

          Hi Rebecca, oh I did see that it was quite old, still it was nice that you wrote on the subject 🙂 I ended up finding a lovely Kate Mawdsley London mug at the souvenir shop inside Heathrow airport. It is great. (http://www.distinctive-decor.com/dunoon-london-mug.html)