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  1. Wee Olympic finds: The top 30 non-crap London souvenirs

    I’ve been obsessed with London souvenirs for as long as I can remember. From the spectacularly crap to the artfully awesome, there is something about a flash of Routemaster Red that makes my inner magpie sing. Over the last few months I’ve brought you the top 10 London souvenir mugs; the 25 best London Olympic Games souvenirs; the best non-tat Jubilee souvenirs; and had a Union Jack love attack.

    And now, with the London 2012 Olympic Games drawing to a close this weekend, I present my top 30 non-crap London souvenirs.* But really, can you blame me?

    * It’s actually 31 non-crap London souvenirs, with Charlotte Olympia’s magnificent perspex clutch pictured at the top. It’s sold-out on Net-a-Porter, but her London 2012 Union Jack clutch is still up for grabs!

    What’s your favourite London souvenir?