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  1. What to order now for Christmas: Presents from Etsy, Part 8

    Etsy Christmas Gift Guide via WeeBirdy.com

    I don’t wish to alarm you, but it’s now less than a month ’til Christmas Day. Stuck for ideas? Here are some awesome handmade presents to get you started:

    1. Christopher Raeburn limited edition Giclee print, £25 from Lesley Barnes.

    2. Simple macrame plant hanger with pom poms, AU$20 from Kitiya Palaskas.

    3. Design your own custom bracelet, US$24 from Orange is the Sun.

    4. Herds pillow in deep red, US$38 from Skinny LaMinx.

    5. Mouse Party teacup and saucer, US$26 from Yvonne Ellen.

    Don’t miss out on that perfect Christmas present! Click here for my entire series of posts for my 2012 Etsy Christmas Gift Guide.

    Seen anything you’d like for yourself? Why not forward this post to your nearest and dearest as a bit of a hint? 

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