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  1. What to order now for Christmas: Presents from Etsy, Part 7

    Christmas Etsy Gift Guide via WeeBirdy.com

    I love the idea of giving something handmade for Christmas. Chances are, giftee won’t have anything like it, and you can sometimes get things personalised just for them. Win, win!

    1. Nose ring holder pre-order, US$35 from Tuesday Bassen Illustration.

    2. Handmade women mittens, US$45 from Rainbow Mittens.

    3. Geometric brass circle necklace, US$30 from Son of a Sailor.

    4. Khaki waxed canvas mini backpack, US$69 from Otto Bags.

    5. Herb drying rack, US$39 from Less and More.

    6. Porcelain and tan leather hanging planter, US445 from Farrah Sit.

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    Do you think you’re going to order something from Etsy right now? Tell me about it in the comments below!