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  1. Christmas Gift Guide 2012: 30 Presents Under $30 (The Non-Crummy Edition)

    Christmas Wish List 30 presents under $30 via WeeBirdy.com

    Buying on a budget has never looked better, especially when you’re talking about snapping up great presents for under 30 quid with brand names like Missoni, Stila and iitala. Not to mention the plethora of loveliness that is just waiting to be discovered from some really fabulous online retailers. I’ve scoured the web for the best presents from around the globe – all for under 30 Aussie bucks (or roughly 20 quid for my UK readers).

    1. OMM Design Pablo & Dali Salt and Pepper Shakers, AU$29.95 from My Messy Room.

    2. Vienna medium cosmetic bag, AU$29.95 from Country Road.

    3. Chalkboard pears garden stakes, AU$24.95 from Follow Store.

    4. Yellow collapsible basket, AU$19.95 from Oxfam.

    5. Drum major lavender bag by Ben Javens, £8.50 from Soma Gallery.

    6. All is Bright Lip Glaze Set by Stila Cosmetics, £18.50 from Cult Beauty.

    7. Littlephant Carnival Mug, AU$22 from Hello Polly.

    8. Extra-wide colourful thread bracelet, £8 from the V&A shop.

    9. Moleskine 2013 Le Petit Prince Pocket Daily Planner, US$19.95 from Moleskine.

    Christmas Gift Guide: 30 presents under $30 via WeeBirdy.com10. iittala Kivi tealight, AU$24.95 from Funkis.

    11. Mini Ship in a Bottle, AU$13 from Hello Polly.

    12. Blafre yellow Bambi rectangle box, AU$14.95 from My Messy Room.

    13. Ruth M sugar bowls, €16 form Foldoys.

    14. Set of four letterpressed coasters by New Found Original & Ryan Todd, £8 from Soma Gallery.

    15. Alba tea light, Euro€16 from Foldoys.

    16. Ceramic heart studs by Septembre Vintage, AU$18 from Follow Store.

    17. Wooden garnet brooch in macaroon, AU$29.95 from Polli.

    18. Logo waffle tea towel, AUD$8.95 from Country Road.

    Christmas Gift Guide: 30 presents under $30 via WeeBirdy.com

    19. Missoni Home Niles hand towel, £13 from Amara.

    20. Small mixing bowl in watermelon by Sian Thomas, AU$30 from Follow Store.

    21. Eggling, AU$25 from Freedom Australia.

    22. Mountain 01 Oelwein, AU$25 from Hello Polly.

    23. Small mercury glass diamond votive, £5 from Ben Pentreath.

    24. Groove porcelain vase, AU$19.95 from My Messy Room.

    25. Owl lip balm, £3.75 from the V&A Shop.

    26. Geometric magnet set by Snug Studio, AU $22 from Hello Polly.

    27. Respectable spectacle case by Susiemaroon, AU$15 from Hello Polly.

    28. Crystal heart necklace, £15 from the V&A Shop.

    29. MT masking tape, £13.50 for a pack of five from Ben Pentreath.

    30. White beaded collar necklace, £15 from the V&A Shop.

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    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=544414049 Peta Dewar

      I like the magnet set! I must admit, quite a few people have received that owl lip balm from me 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I love the magnet set too. Hmmm… would make a good air-mail present, actually!

    • Belinda Kemp

      fantastic gifts in here, especially love the mug!

    • stav

      You have such a great eye! xx