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  1. Christmas Gift Guide 2012: Amazing presents for kids

    Christmas Gift Guide 2012: Kids Presents via WeeBirdy.com

    Stuck for original and charming present ideas for the little ones? I’ve scoured the globe for the most amazing gifts for kids, starting at $10.

    1. The Magic Tree House, AU$179 from Lark.

    2. Tsumiki house, EUR91 from The Space Penguin.

    3. Antique rose ballet bounce skirt by Collette Dinnigan For The Australian Ballet,  AU$39 Target.

    4. Kiko machi wood+magnet town, EUR32 from The Space Penguin.

    5. Little Roar Head by Flatout Frankie, AU$35 from Hello Polly.

    6. Rain Littlephant art print by Camilla Lundsten, AU$36 from Hello Polly.

    7. Nathalie Lete Friends magnet set, £22 from Niddle Noddle.

    Christmas Gift Guide 2012: Kids Presents via WeeBirdy.com

    8. Coq en Pate giraffe shoulder bag, AU$33.95 from My Messy Room.

    9. Rock Your Baby ‘Masked Crusader’ blue t-shirt with detachable cape, AU$35 from My Messy Room.

    10. Flensted Elephant Party mobile, AU$30 from Great Dane Furniture.

    11. Maze the ark ducky hook, AU$31 from Funkis.

    12. Nathalie Lete Sailor Tin bucket by Nathalie Lete, £8 from Niddle Noddle.

    13. Kids Company Dodgy Panda knitted hooded scarf, £45 from Liberty.

    14. Plastic Clonette Doll with Rabbit in dark blue, AU$10 from Lark.

    Christmas Gift Guide: Kids Presents via WeeBirdy.com

    15. Theatre “ESPAÑOL” (to assemble), EUR22 from Teatritos.

    16. Rock Your Baby ‘Eat My Dust’ board shorts, AU$39.95 from My Messy Room.

    17. OMM Design Tiger Plate, AU$12.95 from My Messy Room.

    18. Bear jacquard knit green jumper by Tootsa MacGinty, £31 from Burp Boutique.

    19. Djeco magician pencil trick book, £13 from Liberty.

    20. Blink Design colours wall art , AU$60 from My Messy Room.

    Christmas Gift Guide 2012: Presents for Kids via WeeBirdy.com

    21. The Game of Sculpture, £7.95 from Culture Label.

    22. Kiko ashiato cat print toy beach sandals, EUR17.60 from The Space Penguin.

    23. Harry Potter Marauder’s Map, £36.95 from Harrods.

    24. A Menotti and Y Labat’s How Many Jellybeans?, AU$24.95 from My Messy Room.

    25. Lion face cushion, AU$29.95 from Lark.

    26. Kiko gatcha gatcha dispenser, EUR39 from The Space Penguin.

    Christmas Gift Guide: Kids Presents via WeeBirdy.com

    27. Best Bead Kit In The World, £11.60 from Cox and Cox.

    28. Animal crayons, £5.20 from Cox and Cox.

    29. Vintage caravan, AU$29.95 from Lark.

    30. Milk n Soda Sailboat Bow Tie in Sky, AU$19.95 from My Messy Room.

    31. Harry Potter Hermione’s Time Turner, £51.95 from Harrods.

    32. Chalkboard Cowboy, £29.50 from Daisy Mooo.

    33. Blafre Giraffe Steel Drink Bottle, AU$24.95 from My Messy Room.

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    • Veve

      I specially love the toy theatre. Stunning!