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  1. 19 clever ways to transform a kid’s room with wallpaper

    Vintage and retro-inspired wallpapers have been trending in baby and children’s rooms for a while now, and it’s a style I really love. In recent years, the use of vintage wallpapers has been a popular look in creative Scandinavian nurseries, where print and pattern is used for a nostalgic patchwork of colour.

    However, wallpaper can also be used with restraint to create a clean, minimalist look. Either way, there’s no end of possibilities with so many gorgeous new (and old) wallpaper designs on the market. Here are some of my favourite ways to transform a baby or children’s room with wallpaper.

    Best Children's Room Wallpapers via WeeBirdy.com

    Clockwise from top; Create detail – and a narrative – with Un Dimanche a Paris wallpaper from Famille Summerbelle; a simple soft mint harlequin wallpaper by Ferm Living creates a peaceful and harmonious backdrop to this pretty-pastel room; and contrasting green shelves pop against the vintage floral wallpaper in this room via milk magazine. Best Children's Room Wallpapers via WeeBirdy.com

    Clockwise from top, a single wall of vintage wallpaper creates a ‘jungle-style’ background for toys and figurines, via Dwell; the colours in this striking vintage wallpaper set the scene for this eclectic bedroom via Kenzie Poo; a single pop of yellow offers a nice balance to the soft harlequin wallpaper in this nursery, via Scandinavian Deco; Cath Kidston’s retro-style cowboy wallpaper is enhanced by a vintage letter ‘H’ in this fun boy’s room via House Beautiful.

    Best wallpaper in children's rooms via WeeBirdy.com

    Clockwise from top right, cloud wallpaper complements the clash of bright prints in this nursery via Blafre; beautiful bird wallpaper by Hygge and West creates a sweet babyscape in this nursery via Kitty Genius; and scraps of vintage wallpaper have been used to create a collaged landscape in this bedroom via Bolig Liv.

    Best Children's Room Wallpapers via WeeBirdy.com

    Clockwise from top right, a collage of vintage paper creates a patchwork of pattern on this little shelf, via Retrovilla; a single wall of forest-themed wallpaper creates a fun background for this playroom via IKEA Family Live; and Josef Frank’s incredibly detailed botanical wallpaper makes a strong statement in this nursery via DesignSponge.

    Best Wallpaper in Children's Rooms via WeeBirdy.com

    Clockwise from top right, honey-toned timbers enhance the golden hues in this dotty wallpaper by Ferm Living; a graphic zoological wallpaper by Ferm Living creates a fresh and minimalist look in this baby’s room; and the clash of print and pattern in this gloriously vintage-style room is pulled together by a set of mismatched drawers painted in complementary tones, via Petra Bindel.

    Best Children's Room Wallpapers via WeeBirdy.com

    Clockwise from top right; the restrained timber floorboards balance the intensity of the retro folk wallpaper in this little girl’s room via Milk magazine; the pale blue Majvillan wallpaper provides the perfect backdrop to a colour palette of blue, tan and red in this baby’s room; and a fun alpine landscape is created in this room with the help of a hot-air balloon and a cable car (find it at Theo) via Flickr.

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