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  1. Wee Birdy’s Top 12 Sandals

    Saltwater sandals via Stitches and Maps.
    Salt Water Sandals via Stitches and Maps

    When you’re in the midst of summer heatwave (I’m talking about my northern hemisphere readers here), the most practical and on-trend option for footwear is a sensible leather sandal.

    One step up in the style stakes from Havianas (er, flip flops), a good flat leather sandal will see you through many a fashion-meets-heatwave dilemma. This season, old-school sandals and fugly orthopaedic shoes are enjoying something of a mini renaissance, taking their wearers from day to night. And I haven’t stopped smiling.

    It’s interesting watching trends emerge from the ‘other’ side of the world (and from the depths of a chilly winter). This past summer in Sydney, I couldn’t walk a block without spotting a veritable rainbow of bright and shiny Salt Water sandals. In fact, I would go so far as to say that Salt Waters were a Summer 2012/13 wardrobe staple. This pleases me no end, as my arthritic toes can’t really handle anything steeper than a five-degree slope.

    Tan and coloured leather sandals handcrafted in the traditional Greco-Roman style are also having a moment in fashion right now, with the likes of Net-a-Porter and ShopBop stocking a range of K. Jacques sandals. (This is something I don’t think I’ll ever fully appreciate, after trekking through le Marais in Paris to find the cult-ish K. Jacques store back in 2007. And then blogging about it.)

    But if you’re looking for something a bit friendlier on the wallet, you might like to head to Etsy and my secret-squirrel shops where you’ll find a range of traditional hand-crafted sandals for as low as £8.50 (GO!). And then a wee birdy told me about Greek Sandals, where you can pick up a pair of traditional Mediterranean-style sandals priced for around €30.

    The Sandal and the Craftsman via WeeBirdy.com

    Meanwhile, in London, The Sandal and the Craftsman (see above) has been popping up in locations around town, for one-one-on appointments with his gorgeous range of hand-stitched flat sandals inspired by the Italian tradition. Available in a range of gorgeous colours, this is one craftsman to keep an eye on.

    The Top 12 Sandals for Summer by WeeBirdy.com

    Here are my top 12 sandals for summer:
    1. Salt Water sandals in yellow, US$39.99 from Mod Cloth.
    2. Marais USA espadrille wedges, now US$88 from ShopBop (available in other colours).
    3. Marais USA gladiator sandals, US$130 (available in other colours).
    4. K. Jacques Flavia crisscross sandals, US$248 from ShopBop.
    5. CoSTUME NATIONAL Fiore Flat Sandals, reduced to $178.50 in orange.
    6. A.P.C. flat sandals, US $310 from ShopBop.
    7. Red women’s leather sandal, £88.36 from Einat and Stephan Kedmi’s Etsy shop.
    8. Roman Greek leather sandals in black, £8.50 by Ananias Sandals’ Etsy Shop.
    9.  Thebes Sandal Natural Color sandals, €30 from Greek Sandals.
    10. Ancient Greek Sandals Clio sandals, US$185 by ShopBop
    11. Carvela Kloud studded flat sandals, £65 from Selfridges.
    12. Loeffler Randall Dree woven sandals, now US$70 in cobalt/mint (other colours available).

    Disclaimer: Some affiliate links are used in this post, for which I receive a small fee per sale. Never fear – it doesn’t affect my decisions or selections. I wouldn’t feature any crap on Wee Birdy.

    • Aga Wala

      I just love this post, I always struggle with sandals. I finally got round to ordering a pair (and probably the weather will change as soon as they arrive!), I tried to decide between Saltwater and Swedish Hasbeens Papillon and ended up with the latter. Although I was hankering after a yellow or red pair I went for black, perhaps next year I will be more adventurous because this black pair is pretty classic.

      I love the Greek sandals, and the prices! I remember reading Diana Vreeland’s book and her mentioning simple leather sandals she had made by an artisan In Italy I think, she would wear them exclusively and had lots of pairs to last her a lifetime. I would love to find such sandals.

    • http://planettreasures.blogspot.com.au/ Tess Carrad

      Great finds – I love them all!