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  1. Xmas presents to order now from Etsy: Rose gold

    I’m back – and just in time too! Suddenly it’s November 18 and Christmas is scarily just around the corner. This time of the year always snowballs for me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like they can’t keep up.

    I feel I need to apologise for being kinda quiet on Wee Birdy this year. We had a few unexpected hurdles and life with my wee toddler man has taken precedence. I’ve also been editing the Craft section for Tuts+, and just a few weeks ago we up and sold our wee flat! And we’ve just bought a house … in the bush!

    We move in just before Christmas, and in the meantime I’m a tad frantic with renovation plans and packing and moving.

    But I couldn’t miss my favourite part of the Wee Birdy calendar – my annual Christmas present guides. I’ve been cherry-picking my favourite buys for the past few months, and I was super-chuffed when the lovely Etsy folks came a-knocking, asking me to put together my favourite Etsy picks for the brand new Wee Birdy Etsy page.

    I can’t wait to share all favourite Etsy discoveries with you over the next week in my annual Christmas present guide.

    For starters, I’ve chosen rose-gold as one of this year’s hottest trends for my present guide. Just click on the image above to check out all of my picks on Etsy. Let me know what you think!

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. X

    Disclosure: Wee Birdy is a member of the Etsy affiliate program.
    • KateB

      Thank god you’re back! Don’t know how to shop without you : )