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  1. Offspring is Back! Get Nina’s Baby Style

    Get Nina Proudman's Nursery Style from Offspring If you’re a fan of Australian TV show, Offspring, chances are you’re just as interested in fictional protagonist Nina Proudman’s style – and the stuff that fills her gorgeous Fitzroy abode.

    I happen to know this is true because my blog post from 2012, Get the Look of Nina’s Apartment, remains one of the most popular and highly-searched posts on Wee Birdy.

    When I’m not binge-eating on tear-stained Tim-Tams, I can’t watch the show without taking furtive note of some of Nina’s particularly nice pieces, especially that amazing baby tree lamp on her bedside table by Melbourne design studio Pierre and Charlotte.

    You’ve got to hand it to Offspring‘s brilliant production designers, who have created a highly desirable inner-city warehouse apartment, one that looks lived in and ‘added to’ over the years. The combination of vintage and industrial furniture is spot-on for this kind of warehouse look, and the addition of feature pieces by independent Melbourne designers (many of whom are based in Fitzroy) is a beautifully authentic touch. This is a stand-out Australian production that showcases the latest in Australian design.

    With the premiere of Offspring’s fifth season airing tonight, we’re introduced to Nina and Patrick’s baby Zoe, and with it a world of baby clothes, toys and furniture. We glimpsed the nursery at the end of the last season, and, along with a sneak peek of the first episode, I’ve compiled an update on how to get Nina’s apartment style, focusing on baby Zoe’s nursery and wardrobe. I consider it my public service duty for the day.

    As featured in the image above:

    1. We saw Nina’s dad carrying a load of baby things in the finale, including a crochet baby blanket. Get the look with this granny square crochet rug, AU$89.39 by Lacasadecoto.

    2. A large paper pendant lamp hangs in Nina’s living room. Get the look with this REGOLIT pendant lamp shade, AU$6.99 from Ikea.

    3. We see Nina’s brother assembling a Stokke Sleepi Mini cot for Nina’s baby in the season four finale.

    4. I spied a striped monkey soft toy on the floor of the living room in season five. Get the look with Alimrose monkey toy rattle in red stripe, AU$27.95 from Silly Moo Moo.

    5. It couldn’t be Nina’s room without an owl, and she’s updated her bed linen with a hand-screenprinted ‘Hoot’ pillow case by Melbourne-based homewares brand Feliz, AU$39.

    6. Spotted on the floor of the living room, Zoe’s play gym of choice is the rather stylish Treetop Friends Activity Gym, AU$75.

    7. Baby Zoe wears Millions of Peaches shorts, AU$34.94 by Melbourne-based babywear brand Oishi.

    8. Zoe can also be seen wearing Oishi’s Racy Macy shortsleeve t-shirt, AU$39.95 in Season 5 of Offspring.

    9. Bed linen by Fitzroy-based textiles designers Spacecraft has featured on Offspring in past series. Get the look of Nina’s fondness for a throw cushion with Spacecraft’s necklace acid yellow cushion, AU$130.

    10. This sweet Stella Crew Jumper, AU$59.95, is also worn by Zoe Proudman in the first episode of season five.

    11. Zoe’s nursery features a bright geometric orange rug. Get the look with this very reasonably-priced symmetric floor rug in orange, AU$299 from Freedom.

    Click here for more on Nina’s apartment style. You might also like to read about how to get Rosanna’s vintage fashion style.

    Also, for more Offspring interiors inspiration, check out Inside Out magazine’s feature on Offspring backstage.

    Season 5 of Offspring premieres 8.30pm, Wednesday 14 May on Channel 10.

    • CathB

      Thanks for this post!. Wow – you really are back! I love how the Offspring production designers show-case Australian design. Love the show and can’t wait for tonight. What beautiful things baby Zoe has and I can’t hep but notice Nina has taken a leaf out of your baby’s nursery Weebirdy (just like she took a leaf out of my wardrobe… hmmmm). The crochet rug would have to be my favourite. And don’t you think they cast baby Zoe perfectly? She has Patrick’s eyes!

      • weebirdy

        Thanks! I agree, baby Zoe is gorgeous and the casting was genius! I have to admit I have a soft spot for crochet blankets in babies rooms. X

    • Kate

      Great piece! I just hope Nina can maintain her enviable style as a single parent without Family Tax Benefit B.

      • topbird

        Ha! Girl is gonna have to budget!

    • RachelM

      Hello thanks for this super informative post! I don’t suppose you have any idea on the bed linen/quilt cover?