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  1. Birdy Pick of the Week: Scotland Decides

    As most of you know, this here wee blog hatched in London in the summer of 2007. It first took flight from the kitchen table in our flat on Kingsland Road in Haggerston, East London. I wasn’t very impressed with Kingsland Road when we first arrived. But I grew more fond of it over the years, especially when I discovered that it was an ancient Roman road (probably following an even more ancient and well-trodden track) leading north out of the city.

    I like to think of Wee Birdy as proudly born and bred in the UK. I’m also proud of my own Anglo-Celtic-Saxon background, with my ancestors lying in graveyards from Cornwall to Glasgow.

    England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales. Inside, outside, inside, out. (Did you sing that at school?)

    But here I find myself today, writing from Sydney’s bushburbia, far removed the excitement (and obvious tension) as Scotland decides its future. (Rest assured I’ll be glued to the interwebs tonight, awaiting the news.)

    I’m so grateful to my loyal UK readers who have stuck by me over the past seven years, so this week’s birdy pick is for you. It’s by Cardiff-based illustrator Suzanne Carpenter, and you can buy her delightful prints (birds! on a stack of mugs!) from her Etsy shop.

    • Peta Dewar

      How funny, we sang England, Ireland, Scotland ,Wales, Inside, Outside, Inside, On. So when you played Elastics you had to end up standing on the elastic. Such exciting times here in Scotland, its so close no one knows what will happen. But its been really good for getting the populace excited and engaged about our future. Can’t wait til tomorrow!

      • weebirdy

        Yes, exactly – playing Elastics! (How good was that game? I was a competent Elastics player but nowhere near as good as some as the girls in my year, who had their technique down pat.) I can’t imagine how it must feel living in Scotland today. Hope you get the result you want! X

      • weebirdy

        I just re-read your comment. We sang “out” as the last word, and your feet had to land outside of the elastic! I love how these subtle variations in childhood songs and phrases manifest depending on where you grew up!

    • Jenbug

      Cute birdies