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  1. Affordable Art & Free Shipping

    Top 10 Affordable Artworks via WeeBirdy.com.

    GREAT news, birdies! This week, you can shop my Art Finds collection in my GREAT.LY shop and get free shipping worldwide until next Tuesday. Hurrah!

    I’m often asked about where to find affordable art, so I’ve kept my readers in mind as I carefully handpicked each piece for my GREAT.LY Art Finds collection. I’ve chosen pieces that I would love to hang in my own home, with a huge bias towards abstract art. But best of all, I’ve kept affordability in mind, which is why you can buy a piece of art to add to your gallery wall from as little as US$12.

    Right now I’m loving the black and white trend in design and interiors, and it’s a super-easy look to recreate in your own home. My favourite black and white pieces in my Art Finds collection are the abstract screen-prints by San Francisco artist Tracie Yau, which are amazing value at US$30 each.

    "Two Circles" Screen Print by Tracie Yau, US$30, from GREAT.LY, via WeeBirdy.com.

    “Two Circles” Screen Print by Tracie Yau, US$30, from GREAT.LY.

    Group two or three of these prints together for an instant “collection”. Black and white art looks amazing with timber, so hang them above a timber sideboard, buffet or dining table and create an instant vignette with a selection of black and white ceramics, vases and decorative objects. Add a piece of on-trend copper or a simple stem of greenery from the garden and you’ve created an eye-catching vignette.

    Two Triangles Screen Print by Tracie Yau, US$30, from GREAT.LY, via WeeBirdy.com.

    Two Triangles Screen Print by Tracie Yau, US$30, from GREAT.LY.

    If you’re after a large colourful statement piece for your wall, think no further than Irish artist Lola Donoghue. At around 40 inches wide, these limited edition prints pack a punch, and are a steal at US$200 each.

    For more affordable artworks starting at just US$12, head over to my GREAT.LY shop.

    And remember – you get free worldwide shipping on all pieces in my Art Finds collection until Tuesday September 30 (midnight AEST). I’ll be showcasing more of my favourite pieces from my Art Finds collection throughout the week, so stay tuned.

    Tell me: are you looking for new art for your home? Tell me what you’re looking for!

    • Sarah

      These artworks are amazing! I love the amazing colours and energy they add to a room.

      • Sarah

        Two amazing’s in one sentence! They are pretty extraordinary.

    • Jenbug

      I love the work by Lola Donoghue, thanks for sharing! Actually it inspires me to dust off my paints and easel…if only I had time 😉