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  1. Wee Find: Concert Art Prints by Kii Arens

    Sometimes I use Wee Birdy to drop big hints. Especially when a certain festive holiday is just around the corner. So let it be known that I really do rather fancy this gorgeous print by LA artist Kii Arens for my Favourite Band of All Time, Belle and Sebastian.

    Look! It combines so many Things That I Love, including:

    1. Belle and Sebastian (natch)
    2. Vintage prints/wallpaper (swoon – and patchworked!)
    3. Belle and Sebastian is touring right now (hooray)
    4. Limited-edition, signed and numbered artwork (oooh, exclusive)
    5. Affordable art (US$40!)

    Check out some of the other limited-edition artwork for bands and concerts by LA-based artist Kii Arens.

    BECK Redmond, WA • Aug 20th, 2014 Artwork by Kii Arens 18" x 24" Fluorescent Lithograph Signed/Numbered series of 50, $40, via WeeBirdy.com.

    Beck signed and numbered artwork by Kii Arens, $40, from La-La Land Prints.

    I’ve collected a few limited-edition concert and album art prints over the years, and it’s a super-affordable way to bring colour, personality, and my favourite music into my home.

    I always get my prints professionally framed with a white mat and simple frame. It’s an extra step that not only looks good, but it protects the artwork as well.

    If you want to start collecting band and concert prints, try collecting prints by the same artist, or prints of your favourite bands by different artists. Look for small, limited edition print runs of around 100 that are signed and numbered by the artist.

    • Helena

      Argh! I saw that on B&S’s Facebook page yesterday and have already stuck it on my Pinterest ‘wishlist’ board! It’s just perfect.

    • Peta Dewar

      Love this, especially B&S and Pixies.