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  1. 40 Best Christmas Presents for Kids

    I just pulled a pile of catalogues out of the letter box today. Now, usually, that is a good thing (I pay geeky attention to the Bunnings catalogue in particular), but right now, I’m seeing the same old toys and stuff for kids splashed across the pages of the big chain stores, advertising big discounts to get more people through their doors this weekend.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against a big toy sale (hello, I’ll most probably be there), but I do get tired of stomping up and down the same aisles looking at the same old licensed toys and ‘shouty’ mass-produced products.

    And while my home is scattered with various Thomas the Tank Engines, Lightening McQueens and Dusty planes, Christmas is a really great time to explore other options, too – like beautifully-designed toys, clothes and accessories – for our little ones.

    Top 40 Design-Led Toys and Presents for Kids, 2014: Ciack Toy Camera with fish-eye lens from Maestro Geppetto, $65, made in Japan, from My Cuppa Tea, via WeeBirdy.com.

    Ciack Toy Camera with fish-eye lens from Maestro Geppetto, $65, made in Japan, from My Cuppa Tea. Photography courtesy of Mycuppatea.

    And it needn’t cost the earth to invest in well-designed stuff for kids. In fact, I’ve rounded up 40 of the best design-led presents for children, starting at $9.34. So grab a cuppa and let me show you a few very nice things indeed…

    Just click on each product to go through to the shop to buy!

    How did you go? Spotted something for a special little person? Nice one!

    You might like to check out my top 12 Etsy presents for kids – it’s a rainbow collection!

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    • Kate from Antipodean Love

      Fab round up, this has confirmed that one of my little ladies needs the David Meowie t-shirt in their lives!

    • Peta Dewar

      Some lovely things here – the flower press and mosaic picture make spring out to me. Sunhat is just gorgeous!