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  1. How to find the perfect gift from London

    How to find the perfect gift from London, via WeeBirdy.com.

    Keep parents happy with a present from Fortnum & Mason. Image courtesy of Fortnum & Mason.

    What’s the perfect present to take home from London? That’s the question I answered recently for The Club, the digital travel magazine for members of the British Airways Executive Club.

    What to take home from London, via WeeBirdy.com.

    You’ve gotta take home a jar of these. Photography courtesy of Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.

    My brief was to find the best presents from London for your parents; a friend; your lover; a child; and yourself.

    Naturally, I recommended that you should head immediately to Hoxton Street Monster Supplies for a jar of The Collywobbles. Haven’t heard of The Cobblywobbles? Find out exactly what they are, and why your favourite little person in your life deserves them, over at The Club.

    Want to know what to take home from New York? RackedNY editor Tiffany Yannetta also gives her top tips and recommendations on where to find the best presents.

    Many thanks to The Club for the opportunity to work on this awesome story. It was right up my (London) alley!

    Tell me: what’s the best present you’ve ever bought (or received) from London?

    • Jenbug

      Fabulous! They asked the right Bird! Recently my favourite gift from London was a set of origamy stationary from Liberty London (that my Dad so thoughtfully picked out!)

    • Hannah Jones

      I can’t say I’ve ever received a gift from London – something which I shall get Santa to address this year! But the best gift I think I’ve given has been a traditional Harrods Bear for my friend’s baby’s first Christmas. (In truth I don’t think he ever got to play with it- he sits pride of place on a shelf in the living room!)