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  1. Christmas Gift Guide: The Best Ice Cream-Themed Presents

    Shop the Ice Cream Trend for Christmas: Sunday Sundae reversible quilt cover, from $149, by Sack Me.

    Sunday Sundae reversible quilt cover, from AU$149, by Sack Me. Photography courtesy of Sack Me.

    This is it, people. Five weeks’ til Christmas. Eeep!

    So if you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, now is a good time to put your orders in from shops online. It’s easy, fast, you avoid the crowds, and guess what? I’ve been researching for months and found all the best stuff for you. Job done.

    Love it: Ice Cream mirror by Bride & Wolfe, from Everything Begins, via WeeBirdy.com.

    Ice Cream mirror by Bride & Wolfe, $360, from Everything Begins. Photography courtesy of Everything Begins.

    You might have noticed an ice cream or two in your travels recently. Ice cream motifs are one of the biggest trends this season, which is perfect timing for our Australian summer, and they make playful gifts for the rest of the year.

    There are ice cream lamps and ice cream dolls, ice-cream artwork and ice-cream quilt covers. They really do make for particularly fun and pretty presents.

    So here’s my round-up of the best ice cream-themed presents for Christmas, starting at $5.95.  Just click on each image to go through to each shop.

    Want more ice-cream goodness? I’ve curated my favourite ice-cream-themed finds on the Wee Birdy Etsy Tastemaker’s Page.

    Tell me: can you think of someone who would love an ice-cream-themed present for Christmas this year?

    And don’t miss all of my top present picks in my annual Christmas Gift Guides.


    • theredthread

      This is so much fun – what a lovely roundup!

      • weebirdy

        Thanks, Lisa! It’s making me crave ice cream! X