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  1. 40 gorgeous designer gifts under $50

    Luxury Christmas gifts on a budget: 40 gorgeous designer presents under $50, via WeeBirdy.com.

    Chanel N°5 The Bath Soap, $26, from Chanel.

    Buying presents on a budget doesn’t mean buying anything less than the best. In fact, there are plenty of quality gifts around – with designer names attached – starting at $17.09

    You just need to know where to look. And that’s where I come in.

    I’ve scoured department stores, online shops and designer brands around the globe to come up with my edit of the best 40 presents for under 50 Australian bucks (around £27).

    My pick of the bunch? Nothing says “luxury” more than Chanel no. 5, the iconic fragrance from the luxury French brand. And there is nothing more luxurious than the pale pink bath soap (traditional solid soap, not bath gel!) imprinted with the iconic no.5 logo. Lightly fragranced, the soap produces a creamy lather and leaves a subtle scent that lingers all day. It’s $26 – or you can pick it up for £22 at Harrods.

    I think it makes a splendid Christmas gift. After all, who would spend $26 on a bar of soap for themselves? And that’s what’s nice about the best gifts – buying something special for someone that they don’t have – or usually experience.

    Here’s my pick of the best designer gifts for under $50.

    Just click on the photo of each product below to go through to the shop to buy.

    After more gift ideas? Don’t miss all of my top present picks in my Christmas Gift Guides for 2014.

    • Jenbug

      These gifts really are GORGEOUS! Great selection. Again, I’m loving the Marc Jacobs earrings, and I’d be chuffed with a Moet cracker!

      • weebirdy

        Thanks Jenbug, pleased to hear you like it so much! I’d be quite cheered by a Moet cracker on Christmas morning, too! And those Marc Jacobs earrings are the same price as some of the earrings I’ve seen in high street chain stores!

    • http://www.pottymouthmama.blogspot.com/ Lexi Kentmann

      Big love those Kate Spade studs. Nice finds Top Bird. x

    • http://www.gemmajones.net Gemma

      yes to Diptyque Philosykos solid perfume!