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  1. 5 New Christmas Craft Ideas for 2014

    If you’re a little bit crafty or just fancy the idea of DIY, Christmas is the perfect time to practice your skills. Get your kids involved if they’re already on school holidays, or have a Christmas crafternoon with your friends and deck your halls with boughs of stuff you’ve made yourself.

    There is plethora of Christmas DIY tutorials online – some good, and some, well… not so great. And if you get lost in the depths of Pinterest, chances are, you’ll find the same tutorials popping up in your feed time and again.

    I’ve rounded-up five fresh new Christmas craft ideas by some of my favourite craft bloggers – and they’re brand new for 2014. From beginners to more experienced crafters, there’s a beautiful new DIY that’s just waiting to be made and hung up in your home.

    Have fun!

    2. DIY giant fringe ornament

    3. DIY natural seasonal wreath

    4. DIY customised Instagram gift wrap

    5. DIY Moroccan wedding blanket-inspired tree skirt

    Tell me: are you getting crafty for Christmas this year? What have you made so far?