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  1. How to Make Your Bed Like a Stylist: Part 1

    How to Make Your Bed Like a Stylist: A Step-by-Step Photo Guide, via WeeBirdy.com.

    This is how my bedroom looks when it’s professionally styled. Photography by Lucas Boyd for Wee Birdy. Styling by Diane Birol/Freedom ID. Production by Rebecca Lowrey Boyd/Wee Birdy.

    Why yes, my bedroom always looks this immaculate. I always fold my duvet cover back just so, and arrange my pillows in a handsome arrangement worthy of a bed linen catalogue.

    Ha. Kidding!

    I reckon the world is divided into two kinds of people: those who get up in the morning and make their beds, and those who don’t. Those who smooth the creases and plump the cushions, and those who get back into the same crumpled mess at night as they left it in the morning.

    I mostly belong, dear reader, to the latter-day slatterns, much to the chagrin of my mother (actually, I don’t think she bats an eyelid anymore; I gave up trying to ‘pretend’ I regularly made the bed after the birth of my son).

    Ahem. The not-so-styled everyday truth. Photo by Rebecca Lowrey Boyd/Wee Birdy.

    Ahem. The not-so-styled everyday truth. Photo by Rebecca Lowrey Boyd/Wee Birdy.

    I’m not going to pretend to be proud of my slatternly ways, and try to fob it off as being “too terribly busy” to make my bloody bed. My sister-in-law is a mother of two kids under the age of four, holds down a full-time job as a powerhouse lawyer, and still manages to make the bed every day. Nor am I going to apologise for my slatternly ways, BUT…

    There are times when I actually pull out my finger and make the bed, and it’s at those times that I actually labour over the task at hand, with almost-crisp hospital corners, and working out exactly how much sheet to fold back at the top of the bed.

    I’ve attempted to ‘throw’ the throw blanket in a manner that captures the trend for carefully-crafted insouciant throw blanket styling. (Have you noticed that? There is nothing more deeply unfashionable, it seems, than a comforter or throw blanket folded back with mathematical precision at the end of the bed).

    How to make your bed like a stylist: a step-by-step guide, via WeeBirdy.com.

    Sometimes there are (cute) obstacles to that ‘casual’ thrown look. Featuring Zigzag king quilt in white, $209.95, Queen sheet set in white, $199.95; Zia European cushion, $34.95; Trapeze European cushion, $34.95; Lineum cushions in Jade, $39.95; Hobe cushions in Aqua, $39.95; Clifford throw in Blue, $64.95; Oslo two drawer bedside table in Oak/White, $349; Penny table lamp in Dusty Blue, $49.95; Web bench in natural, $349; Fenton floor rug in White, $399; all from Freedom. Photography by Lucas Boyd for Wee Birdy. Styling by Diane Birol/Freedom ID. Production by Rebecca Lowrey Boyd/Wee Birdy.

    Clearly needing help and guidance, I talked to Freedom‘s resident expert Korryn Bentley (KB), and stylist extraordinaire Vanessa Colyer Tay (VCT), and asked them how they go about the business of making beds. Here’s what they had to say…

    How do you leave your bed in the morning?
    It depends on the day! And how long the kids have snuggled in it. Often I quickly pull up the sheets and bed toppers in a speedy bed-make, and every now and then it gets left looking cosy. I top the bed with a mix of standard pillows, european pillows and a scatter cushion or two.

    What’s your best tip for making your bed look amazing?
    Quilts and bed-toppers are the best for bed making with speed – they rarely need ironing so they always look good, and layering helps the bed look soft with ‘come-hither’ appeal.
    KB: Layers! This isn’t just a winter trend: layers of lightweight throws and bed covers are a sure way to make your bed look sensational.

    Hospital corners or relaxed?
    Hospital-cornered sheets if visible, but personally I like an oversized quilt so that sheet corners are not visible.

    What colours are good for bedding?
    KB: You can’t go wrong with white.  It’s easy to keep clean and looking fresh if you properly look after your white linen. But in saying that, I know a lot of people are not sold on having white bedding, in which case I would always suggest light neutral colours.

    What are your washing tips for bed linen?
    KB: I’m not afraid to soak my sheeting and I always add a few drops of lavender oil into the wash.

    How many pillows are too many pillows?
    KB: I really don’t like a bed that needs half an hour to be made and then unmade of an evening. I believe in two pillows on each side of the bed that are stacked high upon each other. A few cushions scattered at the front of the stacked pillows make for a relaxed, liveable look.

    Any secret stylist tips?
    VCT: Thick sheets make for better hospital corners: they’re a bit like wrapping presents – each fold has to be perfect before the next one commences. I like working with one-third pulled-back, and European pillows mixed with standard pillow sizes to add an extra layer of scrumptious-ness to the bed.

    Want to shop the look of my bedroom makeover? Here are the key pieces I chose from Freedom Bedroom. Just hover over each product and click through to the shop to buy.

    Want more expert tips? Look out for part 2 tomorrow, where I’ll take you through a photographic step-by-step guide to making your bed your like a stylist!

    See more pics of my bedroom makeover.

    Tell me: Do you make your bed everyday? Hospital corners or not?

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      I’m guilty of having a bazillion pillows on my bed … time to cut back!