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  1. 25 Excellent Presents for Book Lovers

    Presents for Book Lovers: Collected Works of Literary Lites matchboxes, $27.33 for a set of three, from Dippy Lulu's Etsy shop, via WeeBirdy.com.

    Collected Works of Literary Lites matchboxes, $27.33 for a set of three, from Dippy Lulu’s Etsy shop.

    A kind of niche industry of ‘gifts for book lovers’ has popped up online, and some of the stuff you can get is actually quite good.

    If you know someone who has a favourite well-known author, chances are, there is some kind of gift that pays homage to that person or their work. From Hemingway and Joyce to Woolf and Plath, you can buy all manner of literary-related items. Then there are the witty and practical presents for book lovers, including book-ends, book shelves, book stamps and bookmarks. For the ultimate multi-functional gift, there is even a birdhouse-style toilet roll holder that doubles as a book rest (if you’re going down that route, you should throw in the novelty toilet-humor boxes of literary matches, pictured above).

    I’ve picked 25 of my favourites, but you’ll notice that they’re biased towards my favourite female authors, so make sure you check out the original shop for other authors. Some good online shops for buying literary-themed gifts include The Literary Gift Company and Out of Print Clothing.

    Make sure you check delivery dates with each shop – most of them can still deliver to you before Christmas.

    Just click on the photo of each product below to go through to the shop to buy. Nice!

    After more gift ideas? Don’t miss all of my top present picks in my Christmas Gift Guides for 2014.

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