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  1. Wee Find: Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

    After a touch of vintage Kitschmas to add to your Christmas decor? How about this amazing vintage macrame-inspired crochet Christmas tree by Pilgrim Lee of Draw!Pilgrim?

    Inspired by the knit and macramé wall hangings of the 60s, Pilgrim has created a detailed PDF crochet pattern that’s available to purchase from drawpilgrim.com and Etsy. It’s an instant download so you don’t have to worry about delivery dates!

    It’s a very ‘now’ look for Christmas this year, as vintage-inspired macrame and textile wall hangings are one of this year’s biggest trends in design and interiors.

    It’s also perfect if you don’t have the space for a Christmas tree, and it’s perfectly proportioned to hang on the back of a door and lend some Christmas kitsch to even the tiniest apartment.

    Pilgrim Lee's vintage-inspired crochet wall hanging, via WeeBirdy.com.

    The pattern includes a glossary of crochet terms, a list of supplies, written instructions AND a stitch diagram. Pilgrim tells me that if you can crochet a granny square, you can make this!

    Wouldn’t it make a very cute and thoughtful present for a crafty friend and vintage lover: just download and print out the pattern and instructions, and bundle it up in a box with the supplies listed in the pattern (crochet needles, yarn, and maybe a box of chocolates).

    Wee find: Crochet Christmas tree wall hanging kit, $5.50, from Pilgrim Lee's Etsy shop.

    Crochet Christmas tree wall hanging kit, $5.50, from Pilgrim Lee’s Etsy shop.

    I’m also loving Pilgrim’s dedication to Kitschmas and her approach to decorating her home for the festive season. Get a load of her Christmas tree!

    Amazing: Pilgrim Lee's super vintage Kitschmas tree with handmade tissue-paper window decorations.

    Pilgrim Lee’s superb Kitschmas tree. Photo by Pilgrim Lee/Instagram.

    She made that incredible stained-glass effect backdrop herself by cutting and pasting individual shapes of tissue paper to her windows. Amazing, right?

    Amazing! Pilgrim Lee's incredible 'stained-glass'-style Christmas windows. She made them using tissue paper and PVA glue.

    Pilgrim Lee’s incredible ‘stained-glass’-style Christmas windows. Photography by Pilgrim Lee/Instagram.

    And she grabbed her glue gun and a bunch of discount-store baubles to fashion this kitsch-tastic Christmas wreath.

    Wee Find: Pilgrim Lee's handmade Kitschmas wreath.

    Pilgrim’s handmade Kitschmas wreath. Photography by Pilgrim Lee/Instagram.

    I salute Pilgrim’s dedication to a very crafty Kitschmas!

    Have you been following my 25 day of Kitschmas on Instagram and Facebook? I’ve been posting one image from my collection of vintage Christmas decorations a day. Join in!

    • theredthread

      Oh wow! I ADORE that crochet tree! SO much. Great find, and amazing work from Pilgrim.