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  1. Win! Aromatherapy Company Prize Pack – NOW CLOSED

    Aromatherapy Co giveaway via we-are-scout.com.

    It’s not everyday you encounter a range of aromatherapy products that makes you stop and take a second look.

    Cue The Aromatherapy Company and their rather genius Therapy Kitchen and Therapy Laundry ranges, which I only recently discovered. The New Zealand-based company has developed a range of natural home fragrance products specifically for kitchen and laundry use.

    The Therapy Kitchen range was created to combat stinky kitchen smells, courtesy of a combination of essential oils including lemongrass, lime and bergamot.

    The stylish apothecary-style design, meanwhile, makes them the kind of kitchen cleaning products you want to keep on display. The range includes a natural chef’s candle, chef’s travel candle, hand wash, hand lotion, room spray, diffusion set and chef’s gift set.

    The Therapy Laundry range, meanwhile, includes a stack of products you never knew you had to have, such as the Therapy Laundry Linen Mist Spray. Made with a 100 per cent blend of lemon balm and lavender, it not only eliminates musty smells, but it can act as a natural repellent to moths in your linen cupboard.

    The Aromatherapy Company is available in David Jones (Australia) stores nationally, and via their website.

    WIN! Aromatherapy Co Therapy Kitchen & Therapy Laundry Prize Pack

    To celebrate our launch of We Are Scout, the amazing folk at Aromatherapy Company are giving away a brilliant prize pack of Therapy Kitchen and Therapy Laundry products, valued at $200.

    It’s simple and easy to enter, just follow these two simple steps:

    1. You must be on the We Are Scout mailing list to be eligible. Not on the list? Enter your email address below and click Sign Up.

    2. Simply leave a comment below, telling us in 25 words or less why your kitchen and laundry would benefit from an intervention courtesy of the Aromatherapy Company’s Therapy Kitchen and Therapy Laundry range.

    This giveaway closes at midnight AEST on Tuesday 10 March, 2015. The winner will be contacted by email and announced on our Facebook page on Wednesday 11 March, 2015. This giveaway is only open to Australian residents (Not in Australia? Keep an eye out for giveaways open to global readers this week, like the gorgeous M.Hulot leather bag giveaway and the Peony print giveaway from Howkapow.)

    Photography and styling by Lisa Tilse for We Are Scout.
    This post was originally published on We Are Scout.

    • Robyn

      My collection of vintage clothes from the 1950s needs to smell beautiful rather than of nanna!

    • Lauren

      With the (three year) kitchen reno taking shape, planning and picking finishes phases are complete. Ready for the Therapy phase in my life, uhm, kitchen!

    • http://www.milamieco.com Lauren

      Today the change of weather bought strange bugs into my kitchen. Lots of bugs. An intervention of epic proportions is required. They’re probably taking over my laundry right now. Help!

    • Anna

      Any cleaning products which are made from natural ingredients and smell great will be most welcome in my house! I may even use them to clean!!

    • Marion

      Divine intervention to help keep the little bugs and little people mess under control

    • Lucinda

      My kitchen and laundry would benefit from having these products because It would actually
      Make me want to use my kitchen & laundry!!

    • lucie

      Would make the start of my maternity leave so much nicer. Especially that these rooms will be my main domain 🙂

    • chiara

      Therapy kitchen may just get me through the next 6 weeks – Nausea begone!

    • hollie

      It’s nearly our second wedding anniversary!!! But heading back off to full time study means that we can’t really have special treats any more 🙁 THIS is a very special treat!!

    • Lisa

      The use of only sensitive products means my laundry often has no smell or a musty smell. Happy hands and happy clothes = happy mummy!!

    • Anna

      Because I have cats. And kids. In my kitchen. ALWAYS in my kitchen, making a mess. It’s as if the rest of the house does not exist for them. Need to wash hands often. Something nice by the sink would make me feel better!

    • Alisa

      We rent a really old house and the kitchen is dismal. All those gorgeous natural smells would make me want to spend more time there.

    • CATE_B

      Your new site is beautiful! Lots of hard work ladies. Congratulations!

    • Ana

      I would love to take advantage of Aromatherapy Company’s range and banish my existing cleaning caddy for good! Bye Bye harsh chemicals.. Hello botanical fragrances!

    • Jenny

      What beautiful products.

      With a 2 year old a LOT of my time is spent in these two rooms of the house! Having beautiful looking and effective products would make it a little easier.

    • Vanessa

      Every time the weather gets humid, we get a ‘funky’ smell under our kitchen sink, which requires airing out the cupboards for a day 🙁

    • Kristy Lade

      because no matter who you are or what you do, everyone needs something special to liven up the mundane tasks of life!

    • Maryanne

      Sometimes it takes something a little indulgent to get me through the mundane of kitchen and laundry chores. I am sure this would do the trick.

    • Tracey

      Am about to take some time out to do my Spring Clean in Autumn. The timing for beautiful new cleaning products couldn’t be better!

    • Tess

      Our living space includes our kitchen and laundry so beautiful natural kitchen/laundry fragrances would make a big difference to the entire house.

    • Leonie

      Ummm, kids are VERY stinky!

    • http://chateauevie.tumblr.com Sarah

      We are about to embark on a massive “autumn clean” after finding we have some small moths invading wardrobes and kitchen cupboards. This would be so awesome to help everything smell nice and not moth bally…

    • http://piccoloangelophotography.wordpress.com Meghan Lawson

      With two small children, it would be perfect to encourage cleanliness!!

    • Maree

      After 6 months of the job swap thing my husband said, ‘ah do we have a mop?’ Clearly he needs serious help with beautiful products!

    • Jenna

      I clean my mothers house…. and she would be in heaven with a clean house that smelt like a country garden..minus the bugs x

    • CJ Jones

      I need an intervention as it’s so hard to find good natural products that leave my place smelling amazing.

    • http://ellenarthurphotography.com Ellen

      Beautiful smells and aesthetically pleasing. Yes please!

    • Kelpad

      My kitchen and laundry would love an intervention of the natural kind!

    • http://Www.patchwOrkcactus.typepad.com Babs patchworkcactus

      I’m not sure they would, that beautiful packaging would show up my ugly kitchen and laundry. But maybe it would give them drive to be better?

    • Leela

      When you have as little interest in cooking and washing as I do a little incentive to enter the kitchen and laundry doesn’t go astray…

    • Rach

      Five wild kids – I need Therapy!

    • Dee

      My kitchen & laundry lack style,
      Some might even say a little vile.
      But aromatherapy products like these,
      Would add a sensory fusion to please.

    • http://jessicacornell.me Jessica

      my husband and I are buying our first house and want to start afresh!

    • Liesl

      Ah cleaning, did someone say ‘wine’, ’email’, ‘tv’, ‘homework’ even?? My cleaning mojo needs an aromatherapy boost.

    • MelindA

      My kitchen would benefit quite simply because it smells like puréed peas and pumpkin all the time!! Help!!

    • Helen

      Random fact: cleaning brings a smile to your face when you’re using yummy products. Said no one until they used The Aromatherapy Company’s products.

    • Cath

      I need these in my kitchen and laundry – if you smelt them you would agree! Stinky pipes… Ewwwww! Only discovered them last year, fab product!

    • http://AromatheraPy Rebecca

      Would love myself some Aromatherapy. Such beautifull products.

    • Kelly

      These would all keep my little cottage in tip top shape ready to cosy up for winter!

    • http://Mumlittleloves.com.au Hayley

      My furbaby sleeps in the laundry, and while I love her dearly, I would much prefer to smell lemon balm and lavender than wet dog!

    • Lisa

      I let my sister convince me to clean with vinegar. Now everything smells like cadavers. I think I would benefit from some aromatherapy intervention.

    • Bridget mcmillan

      We have a very small kitchen and bathroom-laundry and they can get stuffy and odours hang around. The nice smells from this range would really help make these more inviting spaces!

    • Kate

      If I have to work in the kitchen and laundry, the experience should be as nice as possible! A lovely smell is the finishing touch!

    • Phoebe

      It will make me finally get in and organise things better to make room!

    • JO

      I don’t actually have a laundry yet and ants are currently ruling my kitchen. Having beautiful products like these would compensate for what we lack in finished rooms.

    • CC

      Simply leave a comment below, telling us in 25 words or less why your kitchen and laundry would benefit from an intervention courtesy of the Aromatherapy Company’s Therapy Kitchen and Therapy Laundry range.

      My laundry can do with an Aromatherapy Company intervention due to the fact I washed sheets and forgot about them for several days, ending in that horrible wet-washing-left-for-days stench!! #Laundryfail

    • http://Wearescoutclareowen Liz

      We rent an old house and have a toddler toilet training and newborn so any help to make it smell and look beautiful would be wonderful.

    • Tara Hudson

      We’ve just moved into our new home and are lacking all the essentials. It would be wonderful to win such gorgeous products for our home.

    • Emily Burn

      We are on a budget and are saving madly for a house, so it would be so nice to liven up our cleaning products with a breath of fresh air!

    • Michelle

      Because my favourite little girl is starting to put everything in her mouth….and I’d rather it was all clean and natural.

    • Lauren ryan

      I think that us humans don’t use or appreciate out sense of smell enough. It is so important as smells can effect our mood and connections to memories. Would love for my kitchen and laundry to smell amazing to make cleaning a more enjoyable experience 🙂

    • Adrienne R

      oh a little reward during the humdrum activities of living yes please

    • Janet

      Quality non-artificial smelling kitchen and laundry products are so hard to come by. The refreshing smells of lemongrass, lime and bergamot will lure me into the kitchen and laundry, and make cleaning more enjoyable!

    • http://www.inbetweendays.com.au suse

      housework sucks but not with these beautiful smells

    • jessica

      Living in a small apartment with a tiny window, keeping the kitchen smelling nice is a hard and arduous task. Lemongrass come my way please.

    • Emily w

      Cats. Dog. Desert. Between the animal hair and smells and the strange, random creatures that Alice Springs brings (grasshoppers, stink bugs and ants currently lapping up the recent rain), our house doesn’t stand a chance. Send help! Plus – no DJ’s in the middle of nowhere…save us from supermarket cleaning products please!