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  1. WIN! Clare Owen Peonies print from Howkapow – Now Closed

    Peonies print by Clare Owen, exclusive to Howkapow. WIN via giveaway on we-are-scout.com.

    Lisa and I are long-time fans of UK-based website Howkapow. Have you stumbled cross it before? Co-directors Rog and Cat How have expertly curated an inspirational line-up of design-led homewares and gifts, featuring many talented British designers and artists.

    We really love Howkapow’s fresh selection of super-affordable art prints, especially this exclusive Peonies print by British illustrator and print-maker, Clare Owen.

    Featuring a bouquet of salmon-pink coloured flowers, with gold-coloured leaves and deep-blue and mint-grey twigs and seed casings, each print comes signed by the artist.

    Cat says,

    “There is a Japanese sensibility to this Peonies print which I really love. When we saw this illustration in Clare’s portfolio, we knew we just needed to have her make it into a print for us. We’re so happy with the results!

    Clare is currently studying for an MA in Printmaking at The University of West England (UWE) in Bristol and took this piece on as a personal project.

    She has expertly printed the artwork with archival inks on 315gsm Matt Fine Art Paper, so there is a real weight to each print.

    WIN! Peonies Print by Clare Owen

    To celebrate our launch of We Are Scout, the cool kids at Howkapow are very kindly giving away a gorgeous Peonies print by Clare Owen, valued at £25.

    It’s simple and easy to enter, just follow these two simple steps:

    1. You must be on the We Are Scout mailing list to be eligible. Not on the list? Enter your email address below and click Sign Up.

    2. Simply leave a comment below, telling us in 25 words or less where you would hang your new Peonies print from Howkapow.

    This giveaway closes at midnight AEST on Wednesday 11 March, 2015. The winner will be contacted by email and announced on our Facebook page on Thursday 11 March, 2015. This giveaway is open to all readers, worldwide. Go!

    • Kristy Lade

      I would hang this print beside a window in my kitchen that overlooks a patch of peonies that were originally from my great grandfathers garden.

    • http://dietofplenty.com Amy

      In our brand spanking new baby bedroom cum study, directly across from a beautiful pink feature wall to set it off.

    • Eunice

      On our picture wall along the staircase.

    • Ich

      Hi!!! I would like to hang it in my bedroom or maybe in my study room. The print is really wonderful, thanks!!!

    • Renja

      I would hang this print in my livingroom beside our own artwork. 🙂 it would fit very well, too, beside our green couche.

    • Angela

      I would hang at work so I can brighten up my dreary cubicle walls!

    • Tess

      The print is is pretty and calming I’d hang in 5 yo Indie’s room, she’s got soft blue/grey walls and it would look beautiful in a blonde timber frame.

    • jENNYROO

      This lovely print would bring joy hanging in my bedroom (I am newly single after fifteen years of marriage, and am reclaiming my own space).

    • SusaN

      I will hang in my bedroom next to my vanity. Love peonies and the print is beautiful!

    • cate

      I would hang this print in my kitchen where I spend most of my day. I would love to see this on my wall while I’m doing what I love doing.

    • http://www.tatatatam.blogspot.com Tammy Windsberg

      I’ll hang it right behind my computer screen, so I can look at it when my eyes need some rest and relaxation. It’s so refreshing!

    • http://www.designtalk.blogspot.com Melissa Lunardon

      This beautiful print will be a beautiful addition to my eclectic gallery wall in our lounge room. x

    • Kate Stark

      In my bedroom- its a bit bare at the moment and needs something beautiful!

    • Dee Bryant

      I would hang this lush print on the empty wall in my bedroom that has been patiently waiting 2 years for beauty to adorn it!

    • Maree

      This would hang in our entrance to brighten our day as we come & go.

    • Jenna

      I would hang it in my bedroom…then probably rotate it throughout our rented apartment on every available hook

    • http://moniquesmess monique

      It would have pride of place in my hallway opposite the toilet- everybody would see it as they vacate the little room and be greeted by an abundance of flowers and birds which already hang there!

    • Jennifer

      I would hang this gorgeous print in my new office!

    • Ellen

      Gorgeous! I would put it in my galley kitchen to add some colour as I love pastels!!

    • Peta

      I’d hang this in my bedroom, along with my other Japanese style prints. I have one spare wall!

    • JIll

      My bedroom! It would look lovely on my slate grey walls. Its gorgeous!

    • http://www.tadaam.fr Sarah @ *Tadaam!

      I would hang this beautiful print on the wall above my desk at home where I craft, among other treasures from worldwide artists !

    • chelsey

      in my bathroom maybe!

    • Monica

      my living room walls are bare because I simply do not know where to start….this would be a wonderful beginning!

    • Nada

      As we moved into a new flat, I’m searching for some nice pictures to hang above my couch in the living room.

    • hannah

      I would hang it in my living room above the couch, it’s very peaceful and beautiful. Lovely print!

    • Liesl

      The secret mystery in the blue makes me want to enjoy it near lamplight to appreciate the lustre and quiet beauty in the flowers.

    • Natasa

      I would hang this above my desk to remind me of how much beauty there is in the world.

    • Janet

      With this beautiful Howkapow Claire Owen print, which is dreamy yet has zing,
      I would put it in my bedroom where my heart would sing.

    • Lou vacher

      It would hang in my new baby girls room next a Lab Partners print of a pastel San Francisco street.

    • Amber

      This print would go straight to the pool room because I love the serenity it gives!

    • Bel

      I need some colour inspiration and this would add colour to our living room. Simply stunning.

    • Cath

      What a beautiful print. Beside my bed it would go, soothing me to sleep and inspiring me when I wake. Love it

    • Cally conway

      I’d hang this in my tiny studio space so I can be inspired! Such beautiful colours.

    • Nancy

      Those colours and this gorgeous print would go so well in my bedroom. I wish peonies could grow in WA, it just doesn’t get cold enough here. They are one of my favorite flowers 🙂

    • Mikki

      I would gift it to my lovely Mum, to hang wherever she liked! She loves peonies and her taste is impeccable.

    • CaTE_B

      In our family room. Your new blog inspired me to “beautify” the most popular room in our house.

    • Cathleen

      Probably in my bedroom…

    • Bridget mcmillan

      I would hang this print in my study so I can get inspiration as I work through my Cert IV in Design. It would be my dream come true to be able to make prints this beautiful for a living!

    • Victoria

      Peonies were used in my wedding bouquet. To me they represent love and new beginnings. I’d hang this beautiful piece in our bedroom.

    • JO

      The print would have pride of place as the first picture hung in our newly painted living room.

    • Ines

      In my bedroom, my walls are still waiting for a print like this

    • Kate

      At work. I work in a windowless office, so it would bring some life into the space. Since I spend more time at work than anywhere else, I’d be spending lots of time looking at it! It would also mean it could be shared with my colleagues

    • Kate

      At work, to share the loveliness with colleagues.

    • debbie

      My lounge for all to see and opposite my reading chair so I can admire and enjoy it

    • CC

      I’d hang it in my mum’s house to brighten her day.

    • http://Wearescoutclareowen Liz

      Clare Owen peonie print would hang in my bedroom. We share our room with our toddler and 6 month old so would be lovely to have some art in the room.

    • sj

      I would like to put on my office wall to brighten up my day

    • EmmA

      I would hang it in my bedroom. I’ve just moved houses so it would be lovely to decorate my new space!

    • Lesley Barnewall

      I would hang it in my new studio – which I haven’t got yet, just like this beautiful print.

    • Jen L

      I think this peonies print is so lovely and would place it in the staircase where it would be seen by everyone and lighten the whole area!

    • Lauren ryan

      I would hang it in the hallway outside my mums room. On the wall as you exit my room my mum had hung a poem carved out of a ceramic plate called ‘for my daughter’ I would love for her to have something that reminds her of me as she leaves her room too.

    • Verity

      I live in a house full of boys…3 soon to be 4…and so I need to carve out a little feminine space for myself. This space is next to my bed where I have a little collection of prints hanging over my bedside table.

    • Adrienne R

      she would hang in my little nook of quiet aside the living room by my best chair for hot chocolates and reading.

    • Liz

      I would love this for my bedroom. It would brighten up the dark corner which is crying out for a gorgeous peice of artwork!

    • Christy v

      I would hang it in my bedroom. Love the simple design and the pastel pink and gold would compliment my blonde Scandinavian-style dresser.

    • jessica

      In my bedroom. It’s a beautiful peony print. Each night before I go to sleep it would evoke fond memories of my time in Japan.

    • Emily w

      A beautiful print to hang above the bassinet in our first baby’s room (due June!).

    • Anita

      It will hang in my bedroom right behind my large fiddle leaf fig. Love being surrounded by nature.

    • carmen

      in my living room amongst photos of my children

    • Jayne

      I would hang this on my living room wall, as they would complement the sea green and coral tones I have in the living/kitchen area.

    • erin marie

      This would look lovely in my entry! We have peonies in our yard that I look so forward to seeing bloom every year, it’s a shame they don’t last long. Having this print would make up for that. 😉