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  1. The Best Brow Pencil for Blondes

    The best brow pencil for blondes, via We-Are-Scout.com. Photo: Lisa Tilse for We Are Scout

    It is a truth (almost) universally acknowledged, that a blonde maiden in possession of fair brows must be in want of a good brow pencil.*

    I should know. I’ve spent 41 years of my life with rather insipid blonde brows, which I’ve tinted darker for the past 20 years. Over that time, I’ve experimented with various brow pencils that are (a) too yellow/orange; (b) too grey; and (c) too dark, making me resemble an angry Muppet.

    Without eyebrow definition, you tend to resemble one of those curious Amish dolls with blank faces. Sometimes very young and freakishly good-looking models can pull off this unusual look, but for the majority of fair-headed damsels, a no-fail brow pencil in The Perfect Shade of Dark Blonde is vital, especially now that strong, full brows are the look du jour.

    Reader, I married him found it.**

    The best brow pencil for blondes, via We-Are-Scout.com. Photo: Lisa Tilse for We Are Scout

    Introducing M.A.C’s brow pencil in Fling. If you haven’t already got it in your beauty bag, you may like to address this breach immediately. More than one editorial make-up artist has personally recommended it to me, and it’s also the pencil that Sydney brow expert Lien Davies uses on me.

    The thing about Fling is that it has a fine, self-sharpening wind-up pencil, so you can easily replicate fine hairs to fill in your brow, as well as creating the perfect tapered arch. It also has the perfect dark blonde hue with no orange undertones, and you can use it lightly for subtle definition, or create a stronger brow by applying more pressure and pencil strokes.

    If I ever happen to be in the States, and the Aussie dollar isn’t a costly embarrassment, I make a beeline for the M.A.C counter and stock up on Fling. I’ve converted many a fair-haired lass (including my mum) with amazing results, and it’s particularly good for filling in sparse hair and gaps that can result from ageing, chemotherapy or alopecia.

    #MACBackstage at @donnakaran #AW15, where @ctilburymakeup used Lip Pencil in Boldly Bare to create minimal, 90s-inspired lips. #NYFW

    At Donna Karan’s AW14 show, stray eyebrow hairs are brushed up towards the defined pencilled brow arch. Photography via M.A.C/Instagram.

    My other tips on brows for blondes:

    • Look in the mirror. Are you still obsessively plucking to create a thin arch? Think 1990s Drew Barrymore. Or maybe you see two big stylised commas above your eyeballs? You need to put down the tweezers and step away from the mirror. Seriously, stop checking them and pretend they don’t exist for about four-to-six weeks.

    • Use Fling to fill in the gaps while you grow them out, and make an appointment to see Lien Davies. If you don’t live in Sydney, buy her excellent e-book, How To Create Your Ultimate Brow Shape At Home. Lien has groomed some of the nation’s finest brows, applying an almost-mathematical precision to shaping.

    • Full brows are not only on-trend, but they are much more flattering, and a defined full brow has a surprisingly slimming effect on the face.

    • In between shaping visits? Just pluck the really obvious stray hairs (like the ones creeping towards your temples), then use an eyebrow brush to comb the strays up towards the pencilled brow line to create a fuller effect. It doesn’t have to be a perfect line. Imperfection looks natural and pretty. Fill in gaps with Fling.

    #MACBackstage at @katiemariegallagher #AW15, where a clean face contrasted perfectly with the killer red of M•A•C Retro Matte. #NYFW

    Pencilled blonde brows balance a strong red lip at Katie Marie Gallagher’s AW15 collection. Photography via M.A.C/Instagram.

    M.A.C Brow pencil in Fling is $30 and available online and at M.A.C counters.

    * Apologies to Jane Austen.
    ** Ditto Charlotte Bronte (and apologies for originally attributing this to Jane – major oops).

    Product photography and styling by Lisa Tilse for We Are Scout.
    This post was originally published on We Are Scout.

    • http://www.eatprayworkout.com/ Amy @ Eat Pray Workout

      So glad bigger eye brows are back! I have never touched mine and now I am glad. I went to the brow bar the other day to see what they thought needed doing and there wasn’t much at all they would change – yay! So I thought I will just leave them as they are. But I do love a good eyebrow pencil when you have a full face on I think it completes the look.thanks for the tip for blondes! When mine runs out I will try this one.

      • wearescout

        Hey @eatprayworkout:disqus thanks for your great feedback. What brow pencil are you using now? I used to use the wind-up Estee Lauder one but the tip was too chunky and I don’t think the colour had enough pigment in it for a strong brow. X

    • Anne

      I’m not sur Jane is too upset, considering the second one is from Charlotte Brontë… 🙂

      • wearescout

        Oh my god!!! I’m such an idiot! Rectifying immediately. *shamefaced* Dunno about Jane but Charlotte has good grounds for being mightily peed-off. And rightly so.

    • Renee

      Love this topic! My post-chemo brows never returned to their former glory and my face is naked without my Mac pencil.

      • wearescout

        Hey Renee, thanks so much for your feedback. I used to volunteer at Look Good, Feel Better (make-up workshops for women with are having cancer treatment) and I know sparse brows were such a big cause of angst. X

    • Jen Bishop @ Interiors Addict

      I bought online immediately, it arrived today and I love it. Excellent recommendation, Bec! x

      • wearescout

        Oh I’m so pleased you love it, Jen! Here’s to good brows. X