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est. 2007
  1. Dear Lisa Gorman, please make clothes larger than size 14


    So far there hasn’t been a Gorman collaboration we haven’t loved. But their latest winter collaboration with Australian artist Miranda Skoczek is an absolute stand-out.

    Skoszek’s signature abstract prints dance across Gorman’s line-up of frocks, tops, pants, jackets and coats in a riotous celebration of colour and shape. Based around five original artworks painted by Miranda, the designs are anashamedly Australian, with “snakes entangled and spliced against bluebells and proteas in our mad snake print.”


    “The garden of Eden story will transport you to a colourful geometric botanical wonderland and further developed in the ritual print, enlarged cut and paste style graphics are joined by more Australian natives on navy and a punchy aqua blue.” says Gorman.



    It’s all really rather special, and I applaud Gorman’s clever thinking behind working with Australian talent like Miranda Skoczek, whose look and style is pitch-perfect for Gorman’s design-conscious market.

    I’m tempted to run out and snatch up the whole lot.

    My only gripe?

    Gorman’s clothes only go up to a size 14. The average Australian woman is a size 16. This may not be healthy, but it’s the sad truth. If you’re blessed/cursed with a big bosom like me, Gorman’s tops and dresses won’t fit. I can just get into them, but the fabric pulls tightly across my boobs. I know Gorman’s trademark loose tunics and frocks look best worn by lithe, lean and long bodies, but hey, fat ladies like prints too!


    I can’t tell you the number of rather cool ladies I’ve talked to lately who lament the fact they can’t wear Gorman. Tall skinny ladies even have a problem with the frock hem lengths, which end up around mid-thigh.

    Take this beautiful Snakes Alive cord dress, for example. This cut and shape is right up my alley – but look at the hemline! When you’re in your ‘40s, it’s not cool to wear your frock up around your arse. And let’s not even talk about trying to get into a pair of Gorman pants. Yikes. I guess that’s why I’ve been sticking to their shoes (always brilliant designs), accessories and homewares.

    Gorman X Miranda Skoczek new AW15 collection via We-Are-Scout.com.

    Are you there Lisa Gorman? It’s me, Birdy.

    Please can you make clothes for fatties and big-bosomed babes, too? I wasn’t always a fattie. But then I had a baby and my boobs haven’t gone back down. (Actually, they’ve gone south, but they just take up a whole lot more room.) I have a pot belly. And as a size 16 design-conscious lady, I’m sad because I can’t wear your awesome clothes. Till then, I’ll indulge in your excellent mod booties.

    Your fan girl forever,
    (Not so wee) Birdy xxx

    p.s. Lisa (Tilse) just asked if you could also make shoes in a size 42. K thx bai!

    All photography courtesy of Gorman.


    • Dee

      I am a 5ft tall 45Kg gal with boobs that disappeared after breastfeeding 4 kids. I can’t wear Gorman clothes either . . Actually I find it impossible to find good clothes anywhere . . even Danni Minnogue petites range by Target are aimed at taller women than me.

      • I’m the same size as you, Dee, and find clothes buying tricky. I love the Gorman design aesthetic but the cut and prints are often too large for me and swamp my frame. Not quite sure what the ideal body size is for her clothes.

        • Dee

          I know!! I look like 6 and playing dress-ups in my mums clothes!

    • Natalie

      insert applause – I am with you, being a curvier lady I too would love to wear some of Gorman’s clothing, even when some of the tops and dresses do fit they are way too short for me… 40+ in an almost crop top me think not…

    • http://www.anastasiac.blogspot.com.au/ anastasiaC

      great post – not everyone is the sample size. I can only wish! but I do like my curves and boobs…I love Gorman clothes but sadly I need to dress for my body shape and not whats ‘in’ …the tunic dresses do nothing for me. Her last Summer season was gorgeous…a few cinched in waist styles!

    • Luisa

      love Gorman too, sadly my body size of 14 isn’t theirs.. BUT I’m so
      excited to read this great post / thread & realize the direction I
      have been working towards with my label Madge
      may be loved by others too someday. I went back to study textile design
      as I want to make apparel for the girl with boobs and penchant for bold
      creative unique prints & love of textiles. It is early days : new
      working space, sample making for SS16, applying for financial grants and
      balancing the whole family life to make this happen. Love &
      appreciate hearing any feedback http://www.madge.com.au – thank you // Luisa x

      • Lisa (aka The Red Thread)

        Oh hi Luisa, what a fabulous initiative! We wish you every success and look forward to SS16!