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  1. Shopping Guide: 20 Best Wall Hooks

    Shopping Guide to the Best Wall Hooks, via We-Are-Scout.com.

    Move over cluttered gallery walls, the current trend for walls at home is to put a knob – or five – on them. It all started back in 2007 when Danish brand Muuto released their iconic The Dots Coat Hooks. Perfectly formed from ash wood, the sculptural pieces were also fantastically practical for hanging, organising and storing everything from hats and scarves to necklaces and bags.

    Fast forward eight years and the trend has trickled down to the high street, where you can pick up a pack of cheap and cheerful plastic wall knobs from IKEA for around a tenner. But if you want to up the style stakes, while keeping an eye on your budget, my money’s on Freedom’s colourful wooden wall hooks ($49.95 for a set of five), Lark’s geo wooden knobs ($39.95 for a set of three), or Country Road’s delightfully Danish-inspired set of Lupe hangers  ($79 for a set of three, also pictured at top of page).

    I really love Swedish company Aveva Design’s WOW Hanger for a textural and colourful point of difference, made from 100 per cent wool and birch wood. They’re available to purchase from UK company Mench Living, and are available in an assortment of colours and sizes.


    WOW Hanger/Hook Swedish company Aveva Design from Mench Living.

    WOW Hanger/Hook Swedish company Aveva Design from Mench Living.

    Wow hangers/hooks by Aveva Design, available from UK company Mench Living.

    Many wall knobs and hooks can also be used as handles on furniture, and are a great way to give that flat-pack cookie-cutter set of drawers/wardrobe/bedside table a more personal touch.

    From Denmark to Israel; Sydney to Sienna; and Sweden to Tasmania, via London, I’ve shopped online for my pick of the best wall hooks, knobs and hangers in the world, to suit all budgets and styles. Here’s my pick of the best 20 knobs – and they’re all real beauties.

    Want more inspiration on how to use modern wall hooks throughout your home? Check back later today for my round-up of most creative ways to hang Muuto’s Dots in every room of your home; as well as the best DIY wall knobs and hooks.

    • CateB

      So timely. We need a knob or two for practical purposes right near our front door. Helpful husband came home with some utilitarian choices from the hardware store. Ummm. Nope. These are much better!
      Now I just need some inspiration for two pendant lights in a Victorian hallway that aren’t faux Victorian!

    • Howard

      What about the drop it hooks from Normann Copenhagen?

      • Lisa (aka The Red Thread)

        Yes! We love those too. We’re spoilt for choice with gorgeous wall hooks!