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  1. 17 incredible recipes using edible flowers

    Color Blocked Chocolate Bark with Edible Flower Sprinkles by PapernStitch Blog.

    Flowers and food. It’s not a exactly new combination, but it’s pretty amazing how a few colourful petals can take a dish from the mundane to magnificence in an instant.

    I’ve rounded up 17 incredible recipes using edible flowers. Before you embark on your René-Redzepi-inspired creation, just don’t nick down to your local florist and grab the nearest bunch of blooms that take your fancy. Not all flowers are edible, and you need to source organic edible flowers that haven’t been been sprayed with pesticides.

    In Australia, you can find edible flowers from Flowerdale Farm at various David Jones Food Halls, or visit your local farmers’ markets and look out for growers like Darling Mills Farm. In the UK, you can order edible flowers online from First Leaf and Maddox Farm Organics. Design Love Fest has also put together a gorgeous guide to using edible flowers. In the States, you can find edible flowers at many Whole Foods stores.

    Tell me: do you like the idea of flowers in your food? Or do you worry about plucking pansies from your teeth after the first course?

    You can find more recipes on We Are Scout here.

    • Flore @ www.TheFloShow.com

      Thank you for this article full of good ideas! Using flower is so pretty and interesting.

    • http://www.cococakeland.com Coco Cake Land

      Thank you for including my floral cake! Love this collection of gorgeous ideas! xo

    • Eden Passante

      Love using edible flowers! These are all amazing ideas!