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  1. Wee Find: Les Nereides for Anthropologie

    Les Nereides for Anthropologie ring.

    I’ve been researching statement earrings for a shopping guide I’m publishing later this week and I stumbled across this new collection of jewellery by French jewellery brand Les Nereides for Anthropologie.

    While decorative and ornate, the designs also have a delicacy in the details, with tiny enamel insects crawling over stones and faceted jewels. The pretty colour palettes used in the collection are also eye-catching, and I really love the “subtropical” ring and necklace with a green fern frond curling around a pink-fleshed carnivorous plant; a fly teasingly perched on the edge.

    Les Nereides is the brainchild of Belgian artists-and-designers Pascale and Enzo, now based in Nice, France. The collection for Anthropologie captures the quirkiness of the French brand perfectly for the Northern summer.

    Sunshine Studs by Les Nereides from Anthropologie.

    Sunshine Studs by Les Nereides, $128, from Anthropologie.

    Here’s my round-up of my favourite pieces from the collection. Just hover over the images below to see product details and click through to buy.

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    Tell us: is Les Nereides’ delicate ornate jewellery your cup of tea? What are your favourite jewellery brands and designers?

    Keep an eye out for my Shopping Guide to Statement Earrings, which will be published later this week. You might also like to check out my Shopping Guide to Teeny Tiny Stud Earrings.

    • http://www.pottymouthmama.blogspot.com/ Lexi Kentmann

      In my book, she can do no wrong. I love all her pieces, all of the time.