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est. 2007
  1. Wee Find: Yoga Joes

    Yoga Joe, from Oliver's Twisty Tales. Nameste.

    I’m loving Yoga Joes. Available in a box set of nine poses, it would make a peace-loving alternative to GI Jones for kids, as well as a fabulous design-led gift for grown-ups. Anyone who’s seen the first series of Orange is the New Black will appreciate the reference to Litchfield’s resident yogi.

    Yoga Joes, from Oliver's Twisty Tales.

    Can you imagine a terrarium with a Yoga Joe doing downward dog in it? So good.

    Yoga Joes is quite the flexible soldier. He demonstrates Headstand, Meditation Pose, Cobra Pose, Warrior One, Warrior Two, Child’s Pose, Tree Pose, Crow Pose, and Downward-facing dog.

    Yoga Joes, from Oliver's Twisty Tales.

    Yoga Joes also come with their own zen yoga studio packaging with a bamboo floor. Namaste, b*tches.

    Yoga Joes, AU$39.95 from Oliver’s Twisty Tales.