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  1. Shopping Guide: Top 10 Flattering Jeans

    J.Crew stretch toothpick Cone Denim jean in durant wash.

    “Mummy jeans”. There are few terms and phrases that make me want to hurl, and guess what? That’s one of them. It’s the derogatory and patronising tone that grates me the most, and it conjures visions of truly non-stylish denim. Ironically, the term is usually used to describe jeans that flatter the figure for 30+ women. We’re talking jeans with stretch, genius cut and construction and maybe a control panel or two. And you don’t have to be a mum to wear them!

    This shopping guide is based on yesterday’s post, ‘8 Perfect Pairs of Jeans‘, an edited extract from Style Forever: The Grown-Up Guide to Looking Fabulous, by Alyson Walsh. The former fashion editor says that these days, “it’s all about comfort and ease”, and just about all of her favourite jeans have lycra in the mix.

    Top: Stretch toothpick Cone Denim jean in durant wash, now AU$181.60, from J.Crew. 

    J.Crew’s toothpick (ankle-length) jeans.

    Alyson Walsh‘s favourite pair of jeans: J. Crew’s toothpick (ankle-length) jeans. “Perfect with Chelsea boots in winter and Birkenstocks in summer.”

    I’ve been really impressed with what Australian brand Just Jeans has been doing over the past 12 months, and they’re a great budget option for super-flattering jeans that offer comfort and support.

    I’ve got a pair of Just Jeans’ Amaze jeans, which really do have transformative powers and do amazing things for your bottom (think lift and firmness). Now I’ve got my eye on their new ‘Slim and Flatten’ range.

    Once upon a time, I would have walked straight past a Just Jeans store. Those were the days when I would only wear Lee or Wranglers for old-school cred, or torture myself with a pair of so-low-slung-it-was-almost-obscene Sass & Bides. (I used to work in an office where Sass & Bides were pretty much a mandatory uniform.) Now? It’s all about comfort, support and genius construction.

    Here, shop Alyson’s top jeans picks, as well as a couple of my own favourite flattering jeans…


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    Do you have a favourite pair of jeans? Share your favourite finds in the comments below.


    • Sandy Cash

      I don’t buy anything but DL1961. 4 way stretch denim. Ive got a pair that are 4 years old and still not saggy. Look as good as new. You don’t get that fold at the back of your mid thigh that even $270 Sass and Bide give you, sorry S&B but its true. Anyway i love them. They are expensive, but based on cost per wear total bargain. That is all

      • Mindi – Dandi

        +1 just bought my first pair and LOVE them! also dittos brand are good too

    • http://www.anastasiac.blogspot.com.au/ anastasiaC

      oh I’m liking the fit and look of the Uniqlo ones – loving the price too!