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  1. 11 incredible ways to decorate your dinner table for a party: Part 3

    Dining under the stars, via A Daily Something.

    Move over fairy lights. If you’re decorating your table for an evening ‘do, it’s all about hanging up a string of old-school clear globe lights. It’s a simple strategy for adding an uncomplicated yet visually effective touch to your table.

    I’ve found where to source the best globe string lights (also known as ‘festoon lighting’ in Australia), and rounded up the most inspirational tables to show you how to dine under your very own starry night – outdoors or in.

    Top photo by A Daily Something.

    Styling by Flower Wild; Photo by Jose Villa. A magical setting.

    1. Recreate this magical woodland table setting with single globes hung at different heights above a rustic timber table. Load the table with plants and foliage for a living forest effect.

    2. Position your table under a tree so the string globe lights can be hung from the branches. Keep your table simple and classy with white linen and tablewear, with a few candles to add to the ambient glow.

    3. Hang globe lights en masse for an impressive tablescape. At this Bali wedding receptions, globe lights are also wired onto the table top itself.

    4. An outdoor dinner party for Kinfolk in Charleston is enhanced by two rows of globe string lights. Keep your guests warm with blankets on the backs of their chairs, and add some vases of bright blooms for a pop of colour on your table.

    5. OK, so this outdoor soiree is all about that incredible graphic wall, but a few rows of string lights turn it into the perfect setting for a party.

    6. Transform your trailer into a party location by hanging rows of string lights attached to poles. Load it up with picnic table and add a couple of candles for a dinner party on the go.

    Don't have anywhere to hang your string globes? Use a stake in the ground! Photography by Paige Jones, via 100 Layer Cake.

    Photography by Paige Jones, via 100 Layer Cake.

    7. Got nowhere to hang your lights above your outdoor table setting? Take inspiration from this party, and insert stakes in the ground at either end of the table. Add a brightly-coloured bunch of flowers and a couple of candles for a festive touch.

    8. In this light and airy table setting by The Lane, cut crystal glassware, copper candlesticks and branches of magnolia combine with a single row of string lights. Raw and pretty.

    Festoons lighting up this breakout space for Sam & Victoria.

    Photo by The White Tree.

    9. Create a little party zone in your garden by stringing a few rows of string lights above your outdoor setting. String lights can be rented from Timber Mill Rentals.

    Not a bad little dinner set up tonight in Pt Lonsdale, via The White Tree.

    Photo by The White Tree/Instagram.

    10. One long table along a winding bush track with rows of globe lights strung across the table from trees. Take inspiration for a scaled-down long table in your own backyard for your next big celebration.

    A simple evening via The Fresh Exchange.

    11. Low tables (or a couple of pallets) make a relaxed outdoor setting for a dinner table. Candlelight, blankets, flowers in milk jugs, and globe lights strung around four posts creates an intimate setting.

    White cord globe string lights from Urban Outfitters.

    Where to buy globe string lights

    In Australia:

    It’s frustrating as our major retail chains are lagging behind in this global trend. They’re still flogging rope lights, LED fairy lights and over-designed novelty string lights. Fingers’ crossed they’ve caught up by the time the spring/summer collections come out, and have some affordable options on offer (like US Target does). You can buy festoon lighting from the following independent online shops:

    In the UK:

    Extendable teardrop festoon lights, £45, from Cox and Cox.

    In the US:

    Tell us: which dinner table look is your favourite?

    This is the third post in a four-part series on how to decorate your dinner table. In the final part, we’ll look at how simple details and pared-back style can make an elegant dinner table.

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    • Kelly

      I recently came across a great company in Melbourne that sells and hires 25m, 50m and 100m festoon lights in continuous lengths: festoonspecialists.com.au
      We need a company like this in Sydney!